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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Would You Do if You Could Do Exactly What You Wanted?

Would you be living where you are? Would you have the job you have? Would you be doing the things you are doing?

Or would you make drastic changes?

Why is it that we generally think we have to live the life we are living .. that we are restricted in our dreams?

I don't have an answer for why we do that. But I do know that it's a crock!

Rick and I have often said that we would love to pack it, and them, all up and move to a tropical island. And we're serious about that dream.

This week while hanging out at my parents' we watched House Hunters International on HGTV and oohed and aahed at the tropical lifestyles couples were choosing to live .. retirees, families, etc.

And then we got to talking ... why not? What is really keeping us from actually moving our entire family to a warmer climate with a slower lifestyle? I'll tell you what .. nothing! At least nothing if we are willing to be patient.

Rick and I wouldn't be able to consider it until Kyndal and Dawson were graduated from high school because their dad would never allow me to move them to another country. And, my niece will graduate the same year as Dawson and my parents and sister want her to be able to finish high school in the states. That's in six years.

In six years ...

... My dad will be able to collect full retirement.
... My parents will have enough time to pay off their home and other property to purchase their retirement home.
... Kyndal, Dawson and Rylee will be out of high school and able to make their own decisions about whether they come or not.
... Eli and Brynne will be entering middle school (and at a good age to start growing up on the islands.)
... Rick will have had enough time to develop his career to a point that he could work from anywhere.
... I'd have enough time to get my teaching degree to teach if I wanted/needed to.
... We'd have enough time to save some money for a down payment on a house there.
... Tim and Shawna (my brother and sil) would have enough time to get ready for a move there.
... We'd all have enough time to learn Spanish semi-fluently.

Why Spanish???

Because we are seriously talking about packing up our entire family, including my sister and aunt and all pets, and moving to the Dominican Republic in 6 years. And we're serious. That would have anywhere from 11-13 of us moving, as a family, to one beautiful location. The Dominican Republic is a place where we could all be happy .. it has something for all of us. And that's no easy thing to accomplish.

For starters, we want to take a vacation there to check things out. We're talking about all of us renting a large villa in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, in the summer of 2011, for a week.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Looks amazing, doesn't it?

What would you do if you could do exactly what you wanted to do? I say, "Do it!" Life's too short!


  1. from being a military brat is a pain in the butt moving pets so you might want to check into that and the teaching creditals you need for that country!

    Good Luck and have a blast planning! visit often in the next 6 years with Brynne and Eli!

    That would be awesome for your whole family to move with you

    I've lived in lots other countries and I would never leave the good old USA :)

  2. Me again I totally forgot to answer your question: I'd take the girls vacation to Australia!!!!

  3. not sure if the answer to your question went through: I'd love to take a family vacation to Australia!! :)

  4. Oh wow! Me and Dave also dream such dreams. He worked in Anguilla for a summer after graduating from college teaching tennis at a resort and has always said that is the "life". Every time we have been anywhere tropical on vacation it gets our wheels turning. I would so work in a tiki hut:)

  5. Anything I wanted.....
    The very first thing would be for Jeffrey to be home
    We have always wanted to go to Australia
    To be in a church that fit all five of us
    And we have always wanted to live on a piece of land with a stock tank

  6. Are you taking reservations for friends to come visit your new home in this tropical island? If so..put the Thomasons down...:)

  7. I have an award for you on my art blog!

    Hope you ahve a great New Years Ever with Eli and Brynne! Chipmunk movie was cute!


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