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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jingle Bells

Check out this cute jingle bell ring I bought at Affair of the Heart for $2.00. Isn't it cute? And, it really does jingle!


  1. That is so adorable. My girls would love that. My husband will kill me because the jingling would drive him batty. LOL

  2. No Nichole, I don't have wrapped gifts under the tree because my silly husband put them under the stairs in the basement, to hide. And he has piled heavy stuff on top, so now I can't move them. LOL. We are going to work on them tomorrow.
    What is crazy, is I need the sleeping bags for the sleepover tonight but the gifts are in front of those. Oh well, we will make do. Have a wonderful Sat.

  3. I love that! I'm behind on reading, so you will probably end up with an influx of comments from me today! LOL! Loved you card...thanks girl!


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