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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Great Sugar Cookies Disaster of 2009

A couple of weeks ago Brynne and I made and decorated some sugar cookies. They were prepared cookies that you sliced and baked. They turned into nice sized cookies and were so yummy and they were only $1.99 for 24 cookies at Aldi.

So, I volunteered to purchase the cookie dough for both Brynne and Eli's classes for them to decorate cookies at their Christmas parties that are tomorrow. I'd only be out $8.00 for 8 dozen cookies. I'd bake them myself. No problem!

Except that when I got to Aldi yesterday, there were no cookies.

So, I purchased break and bake Pillsbury sugar cookies from Walmart at $2.50 each. I was only out $10.00. No problem!

Except that when I baked the first batch this morning, they were tiny and wouldn't bake right so they were burning and falling apart.

So, I did what any desperate mom on the fly would do ... I called the Reasor's bakery and ordered 8 dozen 3" sugar cookies. But, there was a problem!

My $8.00 had turned into $32.00. Yikes!

But, what do you do? You just do it.

Next year I think I'll just volunteer to bring the icing.


  1. I am so glad, I am not the only one with a cookie disaster. The kids & I tried to have some family fun Sun. night, by making cookies & cutting them out with cookie cutters. Well, first the cookies were the store bought kind too & the dough kept sticking to the cutter.

    Second, when I took the cookies out of the oven, they were one big huge square sugar cookie & all the impressions from the cutters were gone. I showed the kids & they starting cracking up. That made me feel a little better. LOL. How can I mess up making Christmas shaped cookies? Only me. Did I make you feel better now? LOL

  2. Aww that stinks my sugar cookies didn't come out right either! i'm going to try Sandra Lees Recipe today fingers crossed it works!!!

  3. You know...I've had burnt cookies brought to class before. Funny now but not at the time!

  4. Just FYI for your mental file: WalMart has little boxes of soft round sugar cookies that are perfect for decorating! Usually on the bottom shelf, middle aisle of the small baked goods area. =)
    Oh and Brynne looked so stinkin' cute on Thursday! She looks cute every day, but you know.......*L*


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