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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Menu for My Inner Circle

If you are reading this it means you are special to me.

My blog is now officially Private. And, it feels so good! Now I feel like I can be totally free to say what I want. So, here goes ......

Just kidding.

I've always said what I want. Now I just have more control over who reads it.

I'd like to thank the many of you who came out of hiding and introduced yourselves to me this past week. I am so glad to know who is ready this blog! Now you are obligated to leave me comments!!! And I mean it!

But for now, life goes on. It's time for this week's menu ...

Monday ~ Salmon and veggies with brown rice/fish sticks for kids

Tuesday ~ Spagetti and salad

Wednesday ~ FFY

Thursday ~ Bean tostados

Friday ~ French toast

Saturday ~ Paninis

Sunday ~ BBQ chicken sandwiches