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Friday, December 18, 2009

DMV Lady .. why are you so angry?

My trash collector digging through my stinky trash, most days when it's raining, or blistering hot, or freezing cold ... you should be angry, but you're not.

My mail man delivering mail in yucky weather conditions carrying mace in case you get mauled by a dog (or mountain lion in our neighborhood) ... you can be angry if you want, but you're not.

Cashier at Wal-mart who has been scanning food for 9 hours straight, without a break because her supervisor forgot about her, listening to every ad-match scenario and entering every coupon, all during the Christmas season ... if you need to be uptight, that's okay. But, you're typically not.

But, lady at the DMV who sits on her behind all day taking my money with no argument from me (because without the tags and payment of taxes, I don't get to drive), handing me a new license plate and snapping my photo if I'm in for my driver's license renewal ... why the heck are you so angry?

Yes, I'm talking to every DMV lady who has ever worked in that office a day of her life. I've never seen one even crack a smile, politely ask me for my proof of insurance or say, "have a nice day!"

Really, how bad is your job?


  1. Sorry you had to deal with the nasty DMV lady. If it makes you feel any better, they are nasty here in KY too. People kill me. They should be happy they even have a job with all the job losses around. Maybe they should give up their seat to the mom that can't buy gifts for her kids this year for Christmas because of a job loss. People are so heartless & Cruel, especially this time of the year. Anyway, I will get off my soapbox for now. Have a wonderful weekend.


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