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Monday, December 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ Christmas Week

I am so excited for this week's cooking! My refrigerator and freezer are bursting at the seams, ready for all they are to provide for our family!

We always have a Feliz Navidad celebration on Christmas Eve (only because we eat Mexican food) with Rick's sister and family. Then I have the pleasure of cooking lots and lots of food for my family on Christmas Day.

Also, Eli's birthday is tomorrow. I usually let the kids pick the meal they want for their birthday. But, I forgot to ask Eli this year! See, it's been busy around here. So Tuesday is subject to change. Although he really does love what I have planned for dinner that night.

Here's what's going on this week in the kitchen:

Monday ~ BBQ chicken sandwiches (** Update: these were so good! I bought a bag of frozen chicken legs at Aldi for about $2.99. I cooked them in the crockpot for about 4 hours, then drained off the broth to use with my stuffing on Christmas. I pulled all the meat off the legs and put it back in the crockpot with some barbeque sauce. Then I slow-cooked it on low for a couple more hours. We ate the barbeque on hamburger buns with a slice of American cheese. Yum!!)

Tuesday ~ Cheesy chicken and rice casserole

Wednesday ~ FFY (Fend for Yourself)

Thursday ~ Feliz Navidad celebration: Julie's famous enchiladas and salsa, chicken fajitas and beef tacos, homemade guacamole, brownie bites for dessert

Friday ~
Late Breakfast: Annual biscuits and gravy and cinnamon rolls.
Early Dinner: Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing, dad's famous noodles, broccoli rice casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, pimento cheese and celery (appetizer), homemade pumpkin pie for dessert

Saturday ~ Breakfast before everybody leaves: Homemade jalapeno and cheddar sausage rolls

Sunday ~ Mom and dad start feeding me and the kids! Rick will have lots of leftovers.

Boy, I'm hungry! I'd better get up and get started preparing for Eli's birthday party tomorrow. I've got to get cupcakes and decorations made.

Have a Merry Menu this week!


  1. That's a great idea for Christmas Eve. I feel like I am still trying to come up with a good tradition. I wish we were out of school already:( Our schools go until Wed!

  2. YUMMY! when can we be at your house Just Kidding! Looks YUMMY!!!!

    Happy Birthday Eli!


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