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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised

I got my inside decorating completed (minus the tree that will be done tomorrow afternoon). I was so happy to have it done!

There are little touches everywhere ...

This was my creation from a couple of years ago to hold our Christmas cards. I hang the photo cards on branches from our trees, spray painted metallic gold. I use red and clear little clothespins I bought from Hobby Lobby. It's all anchored in a vase with Christmas balls. Cards without photos go in the basket next to it. And I always put our Christmas card on the little snowman photo holder. So far we have only received two cards, so it looks a little bare. I love it when its full!

Brynne and I sat down to decorate cookies. Unfortunately she would only decorate the ones she was eating, so I did the rest.

After we got done decorating, I took the kids in to Walmart to get donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast tomorrow. We picked up some other odds and ends, and Merry Madagascar, and headed home. The plan was to take baths, pop in the movie and eat frozen pizza and Christmas cookies.

As we got ready to pull into our driveway, the car in front of us pulled in there. Shows you how much I was paying attention ... it was Rick! He got home a day early from his business trip and was surprising us. But, we surprised him because we were behind him! We were so happy he was home early! He has to head back out again Monday night, so it was nice to know we get to see him tomorrow.

It was a busy day, but full of nice surprises. Rick's home early, the house looks great and I got to eat, I mean, decorate lots of cookies.


  1. What a wonderful ending to your day. I'm so glad he's there for you. Have fun.

    Mmmmm, chocolate milk and doughnuts. Sounds perfect to me. :-)

  2. Everything looks beautiful!! I love the message you put on the little chalk board. You just gave me a great idea to do the same on mine:)

    So glad Rick surprised you.


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