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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a Kid! Wednesday ~ Dawson

Yep. This has been a tough week. I would like to thank Dawson for helping to keep my spirits up. It has been obvious that he has recognized there is only so much I can take in one week. He has made an evident effort to be helpful, agreeable and loving this week. He has come home every afternoon and immediately told me what school work and/or tests he has scheduled, has worked out an evening schedule for getting everything done and for playing, and has done all that is requested of him without me having to ask more than once. And it has resulted in good grades and peace at home. He has given me tons of hugs and loves and even asked me several times how I was doing and if I was okay. I haven't been a bawl bag or anything, but have been glum (as he described it a few days ago). I have been extremely thankful for him this week.

Dawson ~ What a Kid!


  1. what a great kid! :) you have such wonderful kids and are so blessed!

    congrats on his good grades!

  2. That is so sweet! One of my boys are really in tune with me. If something is not right, me being sick, sad, etc. He is right there trying to make me feel better!

    I hate that your having a rough week and what your going through as a family with Kyndal leaving. I will pray for you all!


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