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Sunday, December 6, 2009

He's Making a List and Checking it Twice

Today Dawson and I took Eli and Brynne to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop while Rick put Christmas lights up on the outside of our house.

When you get to Bass Pro you go to Santaland and get a card with a time to come back. We got there at about 1:30 or so and our time to come back was 3:15. So, that left us with an hour and a half to kill.

Knowing that, Bass Pro had several thing set up for you to do. We looked around for a while, and rode the elevator up and down and looked at the fish. Then we sat down to color reindeer hats. Dawson got a Starbucks treat for coming along and being such a good helper.

Then Brynne wanted to color. So, she colored while Dawson took Eli to the little shooting range. After she was done with her picture she told me what to write in her letter to Santa. Then Eli showed up and we wrote his letter to Santa too. After some cute photos they went and mailed their letters to Santa. Word has it that Santa will send them a reply e-mail sometime between now and Christmas.

After more games and a quick snack it was our turn to talk to Santa. Eli told Santa that he wants a blue DS, a Mario Brothers game (The Inside Story) and a white castle.

Brynne told Santa she wants a pink DS and an orange kitty.

I asked Dawson if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap. With only a look a 13 year old boy can give he said, "Nooooooooo!!!" and we started walking away to get our free photos.

But Santa wouldn't have any of that! He jumped up and followed us and grabbed Dawson and told him that he was never too old to sit on Santa's lap. He led him back to his chair and sat him on his lap for a picture. It was hilarious! Dawson's face was as red as Santa's suit! It really was such a funny moment. Santa was having a blast!

We stopped at the store for tomato soup (Dawson's request for dinner) and came home and had an early dinner of soup and grilled cheese. Then I set out to do what I had been dreading all weekend ... undecorating the Christmas tree to re-light it and redecorate it. I was annoyed the whole time. But, got it restrung. The kids came down and helped me decorate, and Dawson put the star on top.

Dawson said, "You know mom, most people's trees just have some ornaments and some popcorn strung or something. Our is .. advanced! It looks like something out of the Bible." thanks bud!

Rick got most of the lights up outside, and put out our lighted deer. It looks fantastic. Our house looks so beautiful all lit up! All that's left to do is hang all the garland and bows outside. I'll get to that this week.

Oh, and put the gifts under the tree. Dawson would like to know when that will start happening.

What a nice day.

And Kyndal is home. It may only be in body, but she's here. I didn't get sucker punched or a hug.

** And a side note .. beginning next Monday, December 14th, my blog will be going Private. I have decided I don't want everybody knowing my business. If you are a follower of my blog, and/or a friend, and want to continue to follow our craziness, please just follow the proper steps for me to give you permission to follow.


  1. oh please include me!!!! :)

    we had potato soup and grilled cheese! but i love Dawson's request of Tomato soup! I could eat that every day!!

    my cozy book corner is going private too the day after christmas!

  2. What great pictures! They all look so happy. And Dawson was a great sport.

  3. Oh....and I would love to still be a follower:)

  4. Glad things ended up going "okay" for you after the weekend.

    I absolutely DO want to keep up with you when you go private and I agree with your choice to do so.

    Keep a smile on your pretty face and keep forging ahead.

    Your Ozarks Pal

  5. Nicole, If you don't mind, I would like to be added to your bloglist. I enjoy your blog and keeping up with Miss Brynne.

  6. Hi Nicole please add me to your bloglist. I really enjoy reading your blog and always get so much out of it. I hope you have a great week.


  7. I would love to keep following your blog. I thinks it takes alot of courage to let the world know your trials and struggles. I'm glad you didn't get "sucker punched" after all.

  8. I'm so glad that Kyndal is home. I'll be praying for her contentment.

    I would like to continue following your blog but I understand if you want to limit it to those who know you really well.


  9. Ummm, hello - yes I want to continue following. You're the reason I started and the reason I continue. Thanks friend!!!


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