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Friday, December 11, 2009

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's Resisting Temptation

Most people start their diets on January 1st, after the gorgefest called Thanksgiving and Christmas. There's all that food, which is mostly starches and carbs, and sweets, and then more sweets, and treats from neighbors and holiday parties, and more sweets.

But the week before Thanksgiving Rick announced that he was going to lose 20 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas! We ate it up over Thanksgiving weekend so he could go cold
turkey (sorry, I couldn't resist) that following Monday.

So we pulled out the old tried and true Weight Watchers mentality and got to work.

I am so proud of him! He has stuck to his diet every single day (not even using all of his weekly flex points) and has been going to the gym every night to work out. He even stuck to the point system while he was traveling for business! That's no easy feat!

I make him a point-conscious lunch every day, that has him eating a little bit all day, and then I've been cooking evening meals with his points in mind. While he's working out we typically eat, because the little ones are hungry earlier. I go ahead and prepare his plate for him so it's waiting when he gets here (and put away the leftovers and dishes so he's not tempted to get more). And then he comes home and eats after working out.

To date he has lost 9 pounds! That's in 11 days!! I think that is so awesome!!!! Good job babe! You're only 11 pounds away from your goal, and you've got 14 days to do it! I know you can!!!

This morning Eli had a Donuts with Dad event at his school. Rick fought the temptation and had only half of a donut and a sip of chocolate milk (and if you knew how much he loves chocolate milk, you would know how amazing that really is!) They had such a good morning together.

And you notice by Eli's teeth that he didn't even try to resist the temptation .. he even ate the other half of Rick's donut.

So, this week, Rick totally Rocks ~ Because He's Resisting Temptation during the hardest time of the year and steadily reaching his goal!

(And as a side note, he's stopped snoring! So we're both winners!)

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