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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Message Revealed

I blogged about the Santa message you could register for and receive here.

Last night I showed the videos to the kids.

First we watched Dawson's video from Santa and found that Dawson is on the Naughty List. Santa told him that he still had time to get on the Nice List. Eli and Brynne were wide-eyed about Dawson's fate!

Then we watched Eli and Brynne's messages. When Eli found out his Nintendo DS was on the list, and that he was on the Nice List, he jumped up in the air and said, "yes!" Brynne just stood and stared in awe at what she was hearing. When she saw her picture and found out she was on the Nice List, she just smiled and continued to stare. She was bewildered at what she was witnessing.

When we were all done Eli started crying. I mean huge tears! He was so upset! I asked, "What's wrong buddy?" He said, "Dawson is just not with me!" He was devastated that Dawson was on the Naughty List. I assured him that Dawson still had time to get on the Nice List, but Eli said, "There's not enough time!" I told him that maybe he could help Dawson all day tomorrow and if he sees him being naughty to remind him.

He went to bed with red, sad eyes.

These two little ones believe! And Dawson said, "The sad part is that if there really was a Nice or Naughty List, I would probably be on the naughty one."

There's still time, Dawson ... there's still time!


  1. aww gidget would be the same way if she heard that about her big Sissy!

    My 9 year old still believes!!! I hope (though i know it won't be true) she still believes this time next year!

  2. I hope your family has an awesome Christmas! Enjoy your time with your family!!


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