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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The 12 Days of (Organizing) Christmas!

I need to do some organizing! And I need a gimmick to get me moving!

So, for my 12 Days of Christmas, I won't be having 5 golden rings or a partridge in a pear tree. I'll be organizing 12 different areas of my house to get ready for the craziness of Christmas (and the extra stuff coming into the house!)

Here is what I hope to accomplish between now and Christmas Eve:

1. Clean out and organize the cabinet above my laundry station and the kids' cubbies in the laundry room.

2. Clear out toys in Brynne's room and sort into trash, keep and donate piles (also go through her shoes and do the same).

3. Clear out toys in Eli's room and sort into trash, keep and donate piles (also go through his shoes and do the same).

4. Completely organize my pantry.

5. Clear out toys in playroom and sort into trash, keep and donate piles.

6. Clear out out-grown toys in Dawson's room and sort into trash, keep and donate piles.

7. Finish making Dawson's camo bulletin board for him to post his odds and ends and artwork, and put organization baskets on his dresser for all his "stuff".

8. Rearrange Kyndal's bedroom for greater use of space.

9. Help Kyndal go through all of her dresser drawers and organize them (so she actually knows what clothes she has!) and then declutter.

10. Organize office supply closet.

11. Bring craft drawers in from the garage and organize to store in office supply closet, and move recycling baskets to office supply closet.

12. Clean out and organize hall coat closet.

I have roughly 20 days to get this all accomplished. And if I pull it off I will feel so much better going into the new year! And I can't think of a better way to start off a New ... Better ... Year ... than by starting it off being organized!

I'll post my results (and progress pics) on Christmas Eve.

If you'd like to join me in your own 12 Days projects list, let me know! (I'll need encouragement to get it done .. maybe you will too!)


  1. cool I'll post my this weekend!

    So since your doing alot in Kyndal's room does that mean she is Staying :) fingers crossed she is!

  2. Great idea!! Think I will follow along and try some, too. Rah Rah Nicole!!!

  3. I just did some of this last week! It feels so good to look around at the new space!

  4. After doing all of this, how about organizing my office? Can't even find my sermon in it right now!

  5. You might just get me motivated. But I think I might need more days to get it all done:) I keep telling myself that the snow is coming and I'll be very bored sooner than I want.


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