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Friday, December 18, 2009

Rick Rocks ~ Top Ten List

This week has been a super busy week around here for me. Despite that, it hasn't kept me from noticing all of the great things Rick has done. So, I have put together a little "Top Ten" list of why Rick Rocks this week:

10. He cleaned up the kitchen after dinner last night while I was updating my blog (I felt a little guilty about that!)

9. In the midst of such a busy time, he is going to Reno, NV, this weekend to visit his mom who just got a good report from the conclusion of her colon cancer treatments (and both of his siblings are there, as well as his dad, so he will get to have a nice family reunion).

8. He skipped working out last night so he could spend time with the kids, since he is going to be gone all weekend.

7. He gave both little guys baths and got them ready for bed last night (he does this a lot, but I want him to know how much I appreciate it when he does it!)

6. He has been very understanding this week as I have put him on the back burner trying to get all of my Christmas projects done.

5. Although he has been a little upset at one of the kids for how he feels I've been treated this past month, he has put all that aside for the sake of peace and my happiness.

4. He helped me trace and cut out 50 stockings for Eli's Christmas party craft (and was even looking online at felt hole punches that, I believe, he was going to have overnighted to me to help me out when my craft was falling apart. I talked him out of that.)

3. Because it's important to his company, he is going to leave the day after Christmas (a Saturday) to go to a job site for the weekend. (He doesn't do this kind of thing often, and he did ask me how I felt about it before doing it. His family really is most important to him. It just happened to work out that the kids and I are going to my parents' for the week anyway, so we'll just leave a day earlier.)

2. And he's doing this after learning yesterday that for the second year in a row he and his fellow employees will not be getting a raise, and this year they are probably not getting their hefty bonuses that he's gotten every year that we have lived here. (He's a better man than I am .. for more than obvious reasons .. cause I might have told them to 'shove it' at that moment.)

And the Number 1 reason Rick Rocks this week ...

1. He is still working so hard on his diet and working out and, dare I say it, he looks Hot!!

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