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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Future Weatherman?

In Eli's class, they have jobs. The coveted job is to be in charge of calendar for the week. There have been Monday afternoons that as soon as he has gotten in the car he has burst into tears because he wasn't chosen for calendar that week.

Well, this was his week!

He has been so excited to get out of bed every morning to get to school to do calendar.

His teacher e-mailed me on Wednesday and said I really needed to try to come up and watch him if I could because he was doing such a good job! (And I got stopped by another teacher Thursday afternoon telling me how awesome he was doing! She said it was like he had rehearsed it. She could just see him under his covers at night with a flashlight practicing.) I must say he has assessed the weather conditions first thing each morning when he has gotten up!

I wasn't able to make it up to watch because of my morning babysitting duties, but Rick was going to stay and watch yesterday after the Dad and Donut event. Unfortunately, they weren't going to have time to do calendar until afternoon because they had a library appointment. Daddy and Eli were both very disappointed.

But when I went up to the school yesterday to do some projects, his teacher told me that she recorded him doing it that afternoon for us. Isn't that sweet? Really, she is the most awesome teacher! She knew how important it was to us and to Eli for us to see it.

Here is a picture Rick took of him in front of the calendar. (Rick is a Class-A scrapbooking husband!) Look at all of the things he has to cover on that bulletin board! That's quite a job!

I think Eli looks like a weatherman. Maybe that's his future? That would make his daddy proud .. He's always wanted to be a weatherman or storm chaser.


  1. that is cute! my oldest always wanted to be teachers helper (aka: paper passer)

  2. Yea for Eli! So glad to hear it was "his" week!

  3. How cute! Your little weather man!


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