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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas with Kyndal ... finally!

We were planning to drive to Missouri, to my parents', on Saturday. But I had been pretty sick both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, despite all the festivities, and hadn't gotten us packed like I needed to. With the snow we were afraid that the travel would be long and that we would end up driving after dark, so we put off our travel until today. Rick had to travel for business yesterday, so last night the kids and I got bathed and jammied by 7:00 and curled up on the couch with hot chocolate to watch Polar Express. Then we turned in early so we could get an early start this morning.

The roads were actually almost completely cleared until we turned onto my parents' road, so travel was pretty easy.

When we got to mom and dad's, Kyndal was already there. We were all really excited to see each other! We got right to opening presents with her, and with my family.

She was very excited to get her gifts.

She got a North Face coat, a Victoria's Secret Missouri Tigers hoodie, some new sheets, a customized poster of her and her horse, a necklace, some fingerless gloves and cool bobby pins (from Eli and Brynne), some sleeping shorts (from Dawson), some Missouri Tigers sleep pants, some VS panties and her stocking stuffers.

Then we did our gift exchange with my parents, sister and niece. I'm always excited to give my gifts. This year it was lots of photo gifts (as usual) with some extra goodies.

Dawson and Kyndal will be going with their dad tomorrow for the rest of Christmas break. The little guys and I will stay until Thursday morning and then head home to ring in the new year with Rick.

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  1. wow she has a horse lucky girl!!! are you bringing it up to KC if you move??


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