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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Super Birthday for a Super Kid!

Not only is today Eli's birthday, but today was also his birthday party. He was so specific this year as to who he wanted to invite to his party. It's fun for him to have real friends now. School as been so good for him! And it was such a great group of kids! It is clear why he chose these specific ones. They had a great time!

He has been waiting so patiently for this day! Brynne's birthday is in August, Dawson's is in October and Kyndal's is in November. He has had the hardest time waiting for his birthday this year! We created a countdown chain to Christmas and included a blue chain for his birthday. Here is is tearing it off!

Daddy and Eli got up early this morning to go have a donut date.

When they got home it was time to get ready for his party.

We invited his friends to our local Putt-n-Jump for two hours of Open House playtime. (Just a note. If you have a child with a birthday around one of their Open Houses, it is so worth it to schedule your party on that day instead of paying the $175 or so for an organized party. I seriously paid $74 for 11 kids to jump.)

After Putt-n-Jump we came back to our house for his Super Mario party and ate pizza (Mario's favorite italian food), Princess Peach cheese puffs, Yoshi juice (sugar free cherry koolaid) and mushroom cupcakes.

Then Eli opened his gifts.

He had such a good time with his friends! And that's what it was all about! It was a great day!

Tonight we are just taking it easy at home and having dinner together.

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