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Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Message

Calling all parents ... whether your kids still believe in Santa or not ...

My new friend Beth e-mailed me and told me about a website where you can input information about your kids and receive a personalized video message from Santa. It is the cutest thing! I did one for Eli and Brynne that is so sweet! They will be thrilled! I also did one for Dawson because they have a "naughty list" option. It is hilarious! My little ones always say Dawson is on the naughty list, so they will get a huge kick out of his video message.

Thanks so much, Beth!

If you have time you really need to check this out! Click here to go to the site.

Be good!


  1. Thanks, for the link!! I did one for my little guy and to see his face light up. Priceless. I
    did funny ones for my big kids they loved them too.

  2. That sounds cool! Where was that option back in the 1970s? haha

  3. I just made one for Sophie and Hunter! That is so great! I'm going to post about it too if you don't mind:)

  4. Wow! Bryan told me about this the other day and we did it for our youngest. It is great! You should've seen how wide her eyes were when she heard him say her name! :-)

    Hope to see you next week! Email me and let me know what your schedule looks like when you get ready to leave.


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