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Monday, December 7, 2009

Attention Anonymous

If you are an "Anonymous" commenter who has said you want to continue to follow my blog after I go Private, please e-mail me at All I have is your name, but no e-mail address or anything so I don't have a way to add you. Thanks!


  1. I would love to continue following your blog too. My email is Thanks.

  2. I would like to continue to follow your blog too. My email is Thanks.
    Cathy Fidler

  3. Hope I make the cut...:) Include me on that list please!

  4. I would like to continure following your blog. My e-mail is Thanks, Kristin

  5. I would love to continue following you! You keep it real and I like that! I too like following other sister's in Christ!

  6. I would like to follow your blog also if thats alright? You all have become part of my day... a good part I might add! I was really glad to hear Kyndal decided to stay. I can't imagine your stress. Your in my thoughts and prayers.
    Christie Ulrich

  7. I would love to continue following your blog as well.
    Mary Ellen Spiece

  8. Please allow me to continue following you blog.


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