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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Ended Up Being Hot, Hot, Hot!!

If you guessed Mario and a cowgirl, then you were right!

Eli was Mario for Halloween this year. At school, his hair was sprayed black. But since it was itchy he didn't want to spray it last night. Although most people knew what he was, he did get called a farmer and a truck driver.

Brynne was the cutest darned cowgirl this side of the Mason-Dixon line! And she must have stayed out on the range way too long because she woke up at 4:51 a.m. (well, actually 3:51 with the time change) with a fever of 102*. Actually, we got home from trick-or-treating at 7:45 p.m. last night and she immediately wanted to go to bed. I should have known then! So, as any good mother would do, I lovingly spared her of all of the Almond Joy candy bars that were in her candy bag. And good thing I did because I was going to need the extra energy to stay up with her. How bummed I am that daylight savings was completely wasted on me this year! I can't catch a break!

We had a good time trick-or-treating. It was the nicest weather we have had on Halloween in years! And, especially after the weeks of rain and yuck, we were thrilled with a 65* night with no wind! And as you can see, Eli and Brynne traveled in style. Okay, so we don't have a golf cart like 90% of the residents of our neighborhood. But at least they didn't have to walk, right?

Rick kept calling them Claude and Margaret because they bickered like a little old married couple the whole time over who's turn it was to ring the doorbell and whether Eli said "thank you" and who was riding in front on the wagon.

Dawson had bad luck in the friends department this year so he opted for staying home and passing out Halloween candy to our visitors. He's always liked to do that, even when he was a little boy. When we got home he took Eli upstairs and they vegged out in the living room and watched Ghostbusters together. He was bummed about his friends, but actually seemed pretty happy with the way Halloween turned out.

Kyndal, in true Kyndal fashion, waited until 10 minutes before she was supposed to go out to try to decide what she wanted to be for Halloween. Then she wanted my help. Surely she remembers that I plan costumes and parties and such years in advance! I told her I'm a six-months-before-Halloween planner not a four-minutes-before-Halloween planner. I pointed her in the direction of the dress up clothes boxes in the attic and told her "good luck". She still wasn't desperate enough to put on my prom dress from 1986 and go as a punked out prom queen. I've been trying to get her to do that for years. She ended up being a Missouri Tigers fan. (She'd already been in that jersey all day ... Go Mizzou!!) A little black paint under the eyes and Voila!

The Taulmans hope you had a fun and safe Halloween. I'm off to administer more Ibuprofen and am praying for a little nap later.


  1. I can't believe I guessed right:) So sorry Brynne is not feeling good. I hope it is short-lived.

    This was the first year that my son (14) didn't go trick-o-treating. He passed out candy too. But I think he changed his mind after seeing so many older kids coming to the door.

    Hope you get that nap today!

  2. Oh Nicole! I am so sorry Brynne isn't feeling well and I pray you got to take that nap you were hoping for!!

    The kids looked absolutely adorable!!! I can't blame Eli for not wanting to have an itchy head LOL ~ How could people NOT know he was Mario....sheesh! The weather was AWESOME wasn't it !!

    I'll be praying for sweet Brynne, give her a hug for me ok.

    Love you

  3. Very cute! Must be nice to have 65 degrees for trick or treat. Up here you usually have to fit your costume over multiple layers or winter coats! lol

    Hope Brynne feels better soon!

  4. Sper cute! Looks like a fun night.

    I used Picnik to Halloween-up my picture. They have a whole fun Halloween section.


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