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Friday, November 13, 2009

Rick Rocks ~ Because

Six months ago Rick and I were at that place in our marriage where I honestly never thought we would be .. we were at the end of our rope. It was a scary and dark time.

As I reflect on that time, and the months leading up to it, it causes me to pause and just breathe in the gratefulness that I have that we are still together, and stronger than ever.

Rick, I love you so much my heart hurts. I cannot, and do not ever want to, imagine a life without you in it. Without you, I am just a shell of a person. You are what makes this treacherous life bearable. Thank you for loving me and growing with me and changing with me and never letting me wallow in myself, and giving me laughter and hope. You are a good man, and I am a blessed woman.

I love you!

I know that I do not adequately show you that I feel this way. But I want you to know that I absolutely do!

Rick ~ You Rock!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your husband! Praise God you are still together!! Have a blessed weekend, Tammy

  2. I'm glad things are more settled now. It's funny, when we married, and believe it or not for the first 18 years or so, I never experienced any difficult times in my marriage. The last 7 years we've had a couple of troubled times. It's hard. Nothing dramatic or horrible happened, but troubled waters all the same. I think most marriages go through rough patches, it does feel good to weather storms, doesn't it?

  3. This is so sweet. Marriage is a lot of work but a very worthwhile fight when you know it's right.


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