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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today ~ November 10, 2009

Outside my window... it is foggy! But as my dad has always said, "It'll burn off." It's supposed to be another unseasonably beautiful day!

I am thinking... about how much stress I cause by needing things to be done my way.

I am thankful ... that Rick has created a situation where I don't have to be stressed about the finances of the holidays. He takes such good care of me!

I am wearing... my robe and slippers, but getting ready to get dressed.

I am remembering... that things do not always have to be perfect or done perfectly, because no one is going to even be able to tell it's not anyway. And if they do, so what. It's just a pride thing and my choleric personality rearing the ugly side of its head!

I am creating... less for Kyndal's party than we had planned because of a necessary change of date from Friday to Saturday, and an already busy schedule for Saturday. As long as she has fun, it doesn't matter.

I am going... to get my nails done today, and then going for a walk.

I am reading... The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.

I am hoping... that I get the working out bug again soon!

On my mind... is ... I don't know ... blah! I'm feeling a little under the weather this morning.

From the learning rooms... Kyndal and Dawson are continuing to work hard. Eli is studying "Oo" and Brynne is studying "Cc". Brynne is also working on her turkey feather for her class turkey bulletin board.

Pondering these words... "Thank you !! For always supporting everything I do. I (heart) you. Love, your loving daughter." ~ a postcard I got in the mail from Kyndal that she wrote at youth service that they mailed.

From the kitchen... it's been a "week off" since Rick's been on a business trip. We had french toast Sunday night and frozen pizza last night. Tonight I am actually cooking because Rick may be coming home a day early .. it's my favorite Asian Chicken Stirfry. We'll see how the rest of the week goes. I'm keeping it easy, though.

Around the house... the leaves are almost off all of the trees and we are beginning to have a view off the bluff behind our house.

One of my favorite things... is listening to my kids laugh hysterically when watching America's Funniest Home Videos, or "The Funny Movie" as they call it. I swear one of them is going to hurt him or herself by laughing so hard!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Rick is hopefully coming home from a business trip today. I'm spending the afternoon getting organized for Kyndal's party on Saturday and getting my nails done. Not much else is going on this week until Saturday. And that's when it's all going on! Brynne has her last soccer game in the morning, and then ice cream with her teammates. Kyndal and I are going to see Little House on the Prairie, the musical, starring Melissa Gilbert on Saturday afternoon. I am really looking forward to it! A once in a lifetime opportunity! Then Kyndal's Friday the 13th party is that night, on the 14th. The football team is playing in playoffs at home on Friday night, so everybody wanted to go the game. That's why we rescheduled her party.

From my picture journal.

We seem to have lost our turkey for Thanksgiving! He must have snuck out of the freezer. Has anybody seen him?? (Eli's class project. It was a "family" project, as you can tell, to disguise a turkey so he didn't get eaten for Thanksgiving.)

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  1. cute turkey! hope you have a great relaxing week! and Congrats to the football team do you guys go to the games?

  2. Very nice. I'd like to know how Rick took care of the financial anxiety for the holidays! I could use some of that! Actually, we are blessed this year, but some years have been pretty tough in December.

  3. I enjoyed your daybook. What a cute picture and school project. I enjoy the times my husband travels on business. It's one of memories my children have. We would get carry out and rent movies. He doesn't like either when he's home. I hope to visit next week with you. Doylene

  4. I think I answered this question last week. My husband can rock but seldom does anymore. Doylene


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