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Monday, November 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

After a week off and no real menu, I'm back to planning and cooking! Last night we had spaghetti with fresh mushrooms and it was so yummy! Kyndal even said that it was the second-best spaghetti she has ever eaten (next to her Aunt Rhonda's).

Remember that I got a lot of my inspiration this week from our local grocery store circular. Three of the meals will come from the 6 1/4 pound boneless arm roast I bought for $1.68 a pound. Six pounds is a lot of meat!

Here's what's going on in my kitchen this week:

Monday ~ Crock pot roast, potatoes, carrots and a side of egg noodles (this is one of those meals that my kids won't want to eat, but I can cut up meat, potatoes and carrots and mix it with egg noodles and they'll eat it up!) ** reserving the broth for a later meal.

Tuesday ~ Chili dogs and cottage cheese

Wednesday ~ FFY

Thursday ~ Beef kabobs (roast pieces, carrots, mushrooms, squash, potatoes, green peppers) and brown rice (again, another meal that I can cut up the meat, potatoes and veggies and mix with rice that the kids will devour!)

Friday ~ Crock pot french dip sandwiches and chips (with reserved broth from Monday)

Saturday ~ Frozen lasagna and italian bread

Sunday ~ Bacon, egg and cheese biscuits

Visit The OrgJunkie for more menu ideas.

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  1. sounds yummy! I've already changed around the menu i posted today we had crockpot Mushroom Stroganoff and Roasted Green Beans! :)

    Can't wait to hear how your meals go!


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