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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What a Kid! Wednesday ~ Kyndal

Sometimes it's hard for me to post positive things I see in Kyndal because, well, I never see Kyndal! She's a (almost) 15 year old girl, which means she is either in her room on the phone, texting or on the computer, listening to her ipod, all the time. Or, she has a friend over and they are in her room on the phone, texting or on the computer, listening to her ipod. Or, she is over at a friend's house in her room on the phone, texting or on the computer, listening to her ipod. You get the point.

But here are a few extremely brief glimpses I have gotten of her over the last several weeks.

1. The storm seems to have passed. There for a few months she was in a hard place (and I was too, which didn't help!) Lately, she is so easy to get along with again. Of course, never seeing her might be the reason. Anyway, when she is around she's smiling and happy and we just talk and hang out. We just haven't had any issues.

2. We have fun together. We went last Friday night to see So You Think You Can Dance. We had such a great time! The last time we were at a real concert together was on her 5th birthday when my mom and I took her to see the Backstreet Boys. Yes, when she was 5! She was the hugest fan!! And, guess what, she still is. She came in the kitchen two nights ago and had loaded her ipod with Backstreet songs. We hooked it up to her speaker and jammed out in the kitchen. I forgot how much I loved them! We looked online and their tour this year is an international one. We so hope they come back to the States. We'll be there! And it won't even embarrass her when I sing loudly the words to every song. She'll be right there with me doing it!

3. She is a frugal girl (sometimes)! Kyndal's birthday party is on Friday the 13th. We are planning a haunted house party with traditional Halloween party games and treats. On this past Sunday I called her and told her I was going to the grocery store (she was at her friend's house, in her room on the phone, texting or on the computer, listening to her ipod). She said, "Come get us! There will be Halloween sales and we can get the stuff for my party!" That was already in my plans, but she knew, too, that Halloween items would be 50% off or more the day after Halloween. She shows me examples of her frugality all the time (although, let's not forget that she is a 15-year old girl and sometimes just needs to spend her allowance on getting her nails done!)

4. She is doing well in school. I have backed off of her in trying to micromanage her school work. As I said in a previous post, we just do things differently. Her grades are really pretty good this year so I have nothing to complain about.

I just have many reasons to think that Kyndal is a great kid! But, it won't be long and I'll need to stop calling her that. She is growing into a young lady! Have I mentioned that she'll be 15 in a couple of weeks??? You'll definitely want to check back and see how her party goes! It will be a Spooktacular good time!

Kyndal ~ What a Kid!


  1. She is beautiful but I really like her normal eyes better LOL

    You have taught her well when it comes to frugal....I am thinking you need to come live here for a bit so that will rub off onto ME ;)

    love ya
    hope brynne is better and back at school today. Give them all hugs for me....yes even Dawson if he will accept LOL

  2. She is a beautiful young lady! And she sounds great. And I'm going to admit it... I'm kind of jealous that you went to see So You Think You Can Dance. We love that show here!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) We could definitely become good friends. Since I felt like I was reading my own life in your comment lol. We moved to a small town in 2008 and it has just been so amazing! We're now living a life that doesn't center around what people have or do for a living like it did in Vegas. Life here is about God, family, and being there for your neighbors. It's wonderful! And makes frugal living that much easier.

    And, I'm glad to hear that your 5yo is high-functioning. My Zack is too. We have some really hard days... but we have way more great ones!

  3. Kyndal sounds like a wonderful young lady. She must have very good parents:)


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