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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today ~ November 24, 2009

Outside my window... the sun is starting to come up.

I am thinking... about how we ran out of raffia yesterday at our craft party and whether we have enough ribbon to tie to the top of our Indian Corn craft (I don't have time to buy more raffia!)

I am thankful ... that despite it's ups and downs, I have managed to create a stable life for myself and my kids over the last 10 years.

I am wearing... a cream colored long sleeved shirt, brown puffy vest, jeans, my brown moccasins, and my new cute little acorn necklace made from an actual acorn.

I am remembering... how difficult and lonely, at times, it is to be a teenager, and how I need to really dig deep to be supportive and understanding of mine who have different personalities than me.

I am creating... fun little holiday t-shirts for Brynne. Another one is in the works!

I am going... to absolutely enjoy this Thanksgiving weekend with my family and remember all I have to be thankful for.

I am reading... The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks (still).

I am hoping... that Kyndal is having a really great time on her cruise with my mom, sister and niece and that they have an uneventful trip home so we can see them on Thanksgiving Day.

On my mind... is my future and what I want to do with it.

From the learning rooms... We just need a break!

Pondering these words ... "Hey kids .. guess what time it is? ...... It's 9:00 and I'm looking at you ... so go to bed!" ~ From Futurama. It's a horrible show, but it was on in the living room and I overheard that line and it made me chuckle! I have always said I stop being a mommy at 9:00, so the kids better be in their beds where I don't see them again until morning!

From the kitchen... we're eating light and easy in preparations for the stuff-a-thon that will start first thing Thursday.

Around the house... it's still fall decorations for me. I absolutely refuse to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over!!

One of my favorite things... is driving the kids to school. I love driving there with my coffee (in the mornings) or a glass of ice water (in the afternoons). It's so relaxing. And the kids are always excited and happy and I love, love, love to see their sweet smiles when they get out of the car and walk into the school.They are so grown up and it almost makes me cry every day.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today we finish up our two-day craft party for our school's kindergarten and first graders. Then I'm hoping to get away and get my nails done. Wednesday I am helping a friend make my turkey shirts for her two girls. Then on Thursday morning we're heading to mom and dad's for Thanksgiving weekend. We'll stuff ourselves 'till we're sick on Thursday. Then on Friday I'm making Rick go to Black Friday at 5:00 a.m. at Walmart to hopefully steal some deals (he's very excited ... not!) Then we're driving on up to Kansas City to scope things out and spend the night in a hotel without kids!! On Saturday we'll come back to mom and dad's and hang out there until Sunday when we'll make the trip back home.

From my picture journal.

My girls laying on the bare kitchen floor eating icing out of a tub with their fingers. And for no reason except they wanted to.

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  1. what sweet sentiments today :) Your heart is shining through and it is precious my friend.

    Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!!

    Love you

  2. heehee LOVE that picture my girls do that too! :)

    Have fun in KC!!! Hope to hear more about the KC trip and good things happen :) keep me posted

    have a great and wonderful thanksgiving

  3. You never need a reason to eat icing! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Right?? All of my friends have their Christmas stuff out already. I'm hosting Thanksgiving for 41 people this year, and, thus, the Fall decor remains out until Friday or Saturday. I refuse to get my Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving too! Hope you and yours have a very blessed weekend together!


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