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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today ~ November 3, 2009

Outside my window... the sun is coming up and it's going to be a warm, sunny, beautiful day!

I am thinking... about how I haven't worked out since last Tuesday and I am going to regret it the next time I do it and how I might want to search FitTV for good ol' episodes of Gilad and do them this week!

I am thankful ... that my future is in motion, even when it feels like things are standing still.

I am wearing... my pjs, robe and slippers.

I am remembering... how great it feels to have God actually speak to me through my Bible reading.

I am creating... plans for Kyndal's birthday party that is next week ~ Friday the 13th! Waaahaaahaaa!!!

I am going... nowhere because Brynne is still sick. I guess I'll work on Christmas gifts today.

I am reading... magazines because I only have time for small pieces of reading. But Kyndal is checking me out a Nicholas Sparks book from her library today, because I love them! And I'm reading a scripture (or more) about Love every day.

I am hoping... that my little Brynne gets over her fever soon so she can go back to school. She is so sad not to get to go. And, I really hope nobody else gets sick!

On my mind... are the friendships I have formed by blogging. I am so grateful for words of encouragement and positive comments!

From the learning rooms... I'm actually teaching Brynne this week since she is home with me. She did all of her actual school work yesterday, so now I am supplementing with "N" assignments because she is so bored being home all day. We are also going to do some projects on "Creation".

Pondering these words... "You just kissed me on the lips and that made me all better." ~ My 4-year old, Brynne, who has been sick with a fever for two days.

From the kitchen... leftover chicken legs need to be picked apart to be used in our Chicken Nachos tonight. I might also make chocolate chip cookies for my little sick girl.

Around the house... it smells of Lysol and disinfectant and windows are wide open trying to flush out all of the germs!

One of my favorite things... is sitting in my red paisley chair in the afternoons with my head laid back taking a 10-minute power nap.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Well, not much is going on around here this week. With Brynne being sick, I'm not going anywhere. I don't like to get up and work out early in the a.m. because I don't want her to wake up and me not be here. I'm not able to keep any of my 3 girls while Brynne is sick, so it's extra quiet around here during the day and poor Brynne is bored out of her mind! I'm hoping to be able to get out and do copies at school a couple of afternoons this week, after the older kids get home. The older kids don't have much going on, either. We are going to a concert on Friday night to see Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant and Bebo Norman. I hope that Brynne is better so we can do that! Rick's just working and trying to fit in some workouts in the evenings. And, that's really about it! (And, it's actually kind of nice.)

From my picture journal.

The sunset on the way to the So You Think You Can Dance show. Yes, I was driving, so this was a treacherous photo to take, and I couldn't get the shot I really wanted. But, it was beautiful .. especially on the views where you could see the Tulsa downtown skyline in the middle of it!

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  1. Hope she feels better today.....Praise the Lord you are able to be at home caring for her instead of someone doing it....what a gift from the Lord ~ being a sahm today brings you the ability to love your sweetpea. All kids want when they don't feel well ....IS MOMMY

    chicken nachos sound yummy!

    love you

  2. great photo! what christmas gifts are you making?? i'd love to hear more about those!

    hope she gets better soon! its no fun when they are sick!

    So does Kyndal have anything she wants theme wise you do the best parties!

  3. Nice to see another Okie here. Great site!

  4. The picture is beautiful. I pray your son will be well soon. My husband is too old to rock but I still love him. We have a lot of rockers in our family. I like Nicholas Sparks books also. Have a great week, Doylene


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