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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What a Kid! Wednesday ~ Kyndal

Before we start our regular What a Kid! post, remember to go here to register for my first Giveaway! You can comment once on that post between now and Saturday for a chance to win. And, I really want to know who you are! I have really, really, really enjoyed hearing from those of you who have already commented, especially those I do not already know. It's thrilling to know that someone(s) not only reads my blog, but actually gets something positive out of it! Thank you for following!

Now, moving on ...

I had the cutest story to tell about Eli this week, but that will have to wait until next Wednesday. Because ... today's What a Kid! post must be all about Kyndal! Today is her 15th birthday! So weird!

During the next year she will get her driver's permit (then her license), she will exit her Freshman year of high school and begin her Sophomore year (didn't I just do that??), will start working toward her cosmetology license in school, get a job, and many, many other things.

My thoughts of her still go to her walking down the sidewalk at Horace Mann Elementary in Springfield, Missouri, (also where Brad Pitt went to school .. in fact we lived across the street from his childhood home, but I digress) when she was in kindergarten, with her braids down her back carrying her oversized Barbie backpack. I've mentioned this before, but she made me drop her off at the front of the school, at the end of the sidewalk, so she could walk in with the big kids. She absolutely would not let me drop her off at the kindergarten loop!

She still insists on walking on her own most of the time, minus the braids (but sometimes a bow) and the Barbie backpack (she's upgraded to Hurley). She's independent that way.

Kyndal is beautiful.

I don't really need to expand on that.

She is a tough girl, with a mind of her own, strong-willed but loving, and a great daughter and older sister. She's broken me in well, and I feel like we have a very close relationship. She wants me to be cool, but not too cool, and still likes to hang out with me, which I love. I think she'll always be that way. I hope so.

So, Miss Kyndal Jamison Suhr, I know you will be preoccupied today with excitement over your cruise this week, but I hope you will take a moment to hear me say how much I love you.

Thank you for helping me see when I need to stretch and grow and for being patient with me as I learn how to parent you. Thank you for your love.

Have a great trip this week! We will miss you!

Happy Birthday!

Kyndal ~ What a Kid!


  1. Happy Birthday Kyndal! Have a wonderful day and an awesome time on your Cruise!! You are beautiful and I pray you will continue on in the Will of your Heavenly Father ~ shining for HIM whereever you are!

  2. from all i've read she seems like a great kid and wonderful big sister!

    hope she has a blast today and on the cruise.

    hopefully she will take some pictures you can share

  3. Wow, you guys have amazing genes. All your children are beautiful!! Kyndal is turning into a gorgeous young lady! You have to be very proud!!

  4. Such a beatiuful girl. Happy Birthday Kyndal!

  5. Oh Nicole, this is so beautiful:) You are obviously an amazing mother! Kyndal sounds like such a wonderful young lady.

    Happy Birthday Kyndal! (a day late)


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