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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a Kid! Wednesday ~ Eli

A couple of weekends ago I received this e-mail from a mom of a little girl who is in Eli's kindergarten class:

I just wanted to share the sweetest story with you. On Thursday my mom and I surprised L and joined her for lunch at school. Eli happened to be sitting across the table from us. Almost every time I have lunch with L they are sitting near each other so I get to chat with Eli (who is precious!). During the conversation my mom leaned down to L and quietly asked her if any of the boys were her boyfriends. She told her grandma, very matter of factly, that Eli was her boyfriend, then just smiled at him. I don't know if he heard what she said or not. That cafeteria is crazy loud sometimes. I told her that I thought Eli was a great choice! Later that evening at home I asked L why she wanted Eli to be her boyfriend and she said, "Because Mommy he is always nice to me, Eli is never mean."

I just had to tell you what a sweetheart of a little boy you have. He has definitely made an impression on L and that is not easily done.

I responded to this mom and told her that as parents we all tend to think our children are the sweetest and cutest. But, in Eli's case, he just might be. He really does not have one mean bone in his body. I don't know that I have ever seen him be mean, not even once, in his life. He is very thoughtful of other people's feelings (even his little sister) and is affectionate and sweet and is always smiling! We absolutely treasure him and are thrilled to know that others do too.

My sweetheart of a little boy, Eli ~ What a Kid!

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