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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Help! I Need Off-White Socks and the Stores Are Closed!

Has that ever happened to you? Well, maybe you're not as anal about your socks matching as I am. But I have been in the predicament where my child had an off-white shirt and no socks to match. And I just can't bring myself to put white socks on them! (Sorry, it's a sickness!)

So, what do you do if you really, really, really need off-white socks and only have white?

Tea bags, I say!

Yes, you take your white socks (or other white clothing item) and dip them in a bowl of freshly prepared tea. You only have to leave them in there for a second.

Take them out, wring them, rise them in cold water, and wring them again.

Toss them in the washing machine and wash as normal.

And, voila, off-white socks!!

Someday you'll thank me.

1 comment:

  1. I do the same thing to my tee shirts for Native American Day in my class! Love it!


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