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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Too Cute for Soccer

When Kyndal was 5 and played basketball, she spent her whole time jumping up and down in the center of the court cheering for whoever made a basket. She didn't even care if it was her team. We said, "She's too cute for basketball!"

This year Brynne really wanted to play soccer. Although she can kick the ball really well, and run faster than Forrest Gump, she really just isn't competitive against anybody but herself so she basically just runs (quickly) around and follows her teammates. She likes to run next to her teammates, smiling at them as they run. Her goal is really to just kick the ball once a game. And she likes to throw it in. And she loves to chase it when it goes out of bounds to retrieve it.

And she is so cute!

Here are some cool shots I took of her yesterday.

In our family we have a saying, "If you can't play good, look good." She's got that covered!

She is the apple of her daddy's eye!!


  1. Great pictures! She is so cute! You have a beautiful family! :)

  2. Nicole,

    too cute!! :) I just love that girl and that last shot you got of her in Ricks sunglasses is WAY COOL :).....NICE!!

    Love you


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