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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for the Gifts God Gave Me

I was given the opportunity to use one of the gifts God gave me this week (well, really for the past two months!).

I was asked by Eli's teacher if I would be willing to help organize a two-day fall craftapalooza for the three kindergarten classes on the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving break.

Loving to plan things I said, "Sure!"

Then about a day later the first grade teachers heard about what we were planning to do and wanted to join in. So, Amy (a first grade mom and part-time pre-k teacher at the school) signed on to be the lead person for first grade.

At first it didn't seem like it was going to be a big deal. But, by the time we had two planning meetings and realized what it was going to take logistically to move five classes of kids (broken up into smaller groups) through eight crafts in two days ... I was scared!! We're talking about 115 kids! And we're talking about supplies for crafts for 115 kids!

Without Amy I would have drowned. She and I worked as a great team! Where I was weak, she was strong and where she was weak ... well who am I kidding ... she's not weak at anything! Thank you Amy for helping me make this a success!

We had just the right number of moms, and even a grandpa and third cousin, show up to help (thank you moms and gentlemen!). Without them it just would have been a disaster! There were some hiccups here and there. But, overall, I think it went well. And, I do believe the kids had a blast! I had several come up with big smiles talking about what they had done.

Here is Eli wearing his Thanksgiving crown he made ~

And here is a picture of all of the other crafts ~

They made pop bottle turkeys, fall canvas tote bags, thankful placemats, toilet paper pumpkins, popcorn balls, thanksgiving crowns (that Eli is modeling above) and beaded indian corn. They also got to have some outside play time.

Since it appeared to be a success, there's already talk about doing it again next year. And, guess what .. I'll have a first grader and a kindergartner. Guess who has been designated to head this up again! I have noted things that would definitely make it run more smoothly, and will implement those ideas. If we're not here next year, I'll just pass on the ideas to the next lucky mom!

Thank you Mrs. Sansone, and other teachers, for trusting me with such a big job. I hope your kiddos had fun!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break !! You deserve it!

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  1. Nicole,
    Oh yes...the fall craft party was a huge hit!!! The kiddos loved taking all their goodies home and sharing them with their families...and yes, you are signed up for next year : )
    Mrs. Sansone


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