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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Concert ~ Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant and Bebo Norman

Last night Rick, Kyndal and I drove 2 hours to see Jeremy Camp, Natalie Grant and Bebo Norman in concert. If you don't know who they are, they are Christian artists.

We had to leave at about 4:00 to make it there when the doors opened. With general admission seats, you never know what to expect.

We stopped at McDonald's on the way to get dinner, and to start dialing in to try to get Kyndal and her friend Justin Bieber concert tickets (because Kyndal would "just die" if she didn't get to see him in concert!" She missed getting to see him at Big Splash last summer because we were on vacation. She is still bitter.) The good news is that on December 20th she will be there, and she will have pretty good seats.

Then onto the concert-at-hand we went. The concert was at a Baptist church in Moore, Oklahoma, so the seats were really good! We were on the second row in the balcony, at just a regular ol' church. We were there over an hour before the concert started, so we took pictures.

And this is what you do when you are bored. Kyndal told us to make quick-moving crazy faces with our eyes, nose and mouth, and then she took the picture. I'm sure we looked like complete idiots! But when we would turn the camera around and look at our faces, we would just die laughing! You must do it at your next party!!

I have always wanted to go to see Bebo Norman. (It has ranked right up there with my desire to meet Tim Gunn from Project Runway.) If you ever listen to my Playlist here on my blog, I have several of Bebo's songs on it. It was only him and one other of his band members performing last night, so more of an acoustic gig. I was slightly disappointed because he only sang 4 songs! I could have sat and listened to him for hours!

Then Natalie Grant performed. I have one of her songs on my Playlist, too, "Better Hands Now". She was really good, but it was really loud! and high-pitched. I started to get a headache toward the end of her show.

Rick has been a fan of Jeremy Camp for years. He has more of a grungy, rock sound to him. I have always liked him, but can't say I was a follower. But, that all has changed! He was so awesome that I'll keep listening to Christian music just to hear any new songs he has! He just flowed from one great song to another. To sit and realize that you are singing "Mighty to Save", in a church, being led by Jeremy Camp, is a pretty surreal experience. He is a cool guy! And, can I just say, that God has a hottie in his kingdom. Let me just say he has some guns on him!

We left before the concert was completely over because we still had a two-hour drive home, and it was already 10:30 p.m. After a stop at a convenience store for sour straws, gum, chocolate milk, a pumpkin spice cappuccino, a brownie, an Almond Joy and some ibuprofen, we hit the road.

We had a great time together!

And, I was so proud of Dawson for taking such good care of Eli and Brynne. This is the first time we have left him alone with both of them for that long of a period of time. Our neighbor is a doctor, and our other one is a police officer, and I had made arrangements for them to be available should he run into any problems. And we texted back and forth all evening. But, he did great! The house was picked up, the kids had been fed and jammied and put to bed, and they said they had a great time!


  1. Neat experience, and I think the pictures are cool!

  2. Those pictures are the greatest:) Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  3. Jeremy Camp is my FAV!!! and yea baby He is a hottie in the KINGDOM woohoo....but he has a heart for the Lord so completely! How cool you got to goooooo!!

    Love you!

  4. i forgot to say

    WAY TO GO DAWSON!!!! Serious kudos for you bub!


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