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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

You Know It's Hot When ...

Good Gracious it's hot! It's been over 100 degrees the past two days and is going to stay that way for several more. A cool front is coming in on Saturday, though, and it will only be 99 degrees!

We went to the zoo on Sunday afternoon, trying to beat the extreme heat that was coming our way. It was only about 95 degrees that day.

On Monday, Brynne and I went to Steph's to swim for a couple of hours. The boys wanted to stay home in the air conditioning.

Yesterday I made myself take the kids to Big Splash. I wanted to stay home in the air conditioning. The water felt like bath water and really wasn't even refreshing.

I don't go to the Y to work out on Wednesday mornings, so Rick and I got up to walk the 2 miles around our subdivision block. That was at 6:45 a.m. and it was steamy hot already!!

So, it's too hot to swim. It's too hot to be outside. What do you do with three bored kids? (Kyndal is at my parents' this week.)

Thankfully our local Putt 'n Jump has an open house today so the kids can go bounce in all of the bouncing rooms and play mini golf as much as they want for 6 hours for only $6 each (instead of the usual $7 per person per hour, which only includes the "baby" bouncers.) We'll only go for a few hours, but will definitely take advantage of it because it's air conditioned!

But what else do you do? I need to get creative to get us through Thursday and Friday. Shoot me any of your ideas, if you have them. I'd like to keep it cheap or free, of course.

Until then, you will find me at home, in the air conditioning.


  1. my girls love to play with a indoor fort but this week they have been playing Narnia lots :)

    we do lots of painting and they play the wii outdoor challenge.

    we also read books and do fun crafts!

    but indoor fort is the fave activity!

    we are getting ready to go outside for some Open Ended Art Foot Print style

  2. I's so hot here! There is nothing to do cause you bake!

  3. It's finally cooled down in Las Vegas. It's been 115 degrees.


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