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Monday, August 17, 2009

To The Point of Being Ridiculous!!

The cost of school supplies continues to rise. With four kids in school this year, I knew things would get expensive.

I already bought all of Eli and Brynne's supplies because their class lists came out a month or so ago. Their supplies probably cost me around $20-25 each, not including a new lunch box for Eli. They are reusing their backpacks from last year.

But it's the older kids' supplies that really get me! Typically they don't get their lists from each individual teacher until the first day of school (Dawson's in middle school, Kyndal's in high school). I did go ahead and get supplies for each of them that I knew they would need regardless, like a binder for Dawson, pencils, paper, spirals, etc. I am making them reuse their backpacks from last year because (a) they were expensive ones (they had to have Under Armour and Hurley) and (2) they are still in perfect condition.

When I took Kyndal to get her schedule today, only one teacher had her list out. It was for science. $25.00 later, I had all of her supplies for one class!!! Seriously? At this rate it will cost me about $150.00 for her supplies and equal that for Dawson.

When I was in school, you got a binder, a spiral and some pencils. If you had an assignment that required you to color something, you took it home and colored it. But now, you have to have colored pencils for about each class, not to mention a long list of other things. If I buy colored pencils for each class, that's about $10.00 in colored pencils alone! She could just use one pack in every class. And now we have to supply ziploc bags, kleenex's, sharpies, expo markers and such for every class. It's irritating!

Sorry to vent here, but seriously? I'm going to have to start getting a summer part-time job just to fund school supplies from now on. As if school clothes wasn't painful enough!!

Anyone else experiencing this, or am I the only lucky one?


  1. Holy cow! Really?! Makes home school sound even better :)

  2. Will's Kinder list will cost me about $75! Crazy!

    Good and bad news we found out he is #1 on the transfer list. The bad news is they will not accept transfers until after school starts. So we will have 2 first days of school! Urgh!!!

  3. You are not the only blessed one who has to get more than $200+ for school supplies. It was like this for me in middle, high school, and college. Plus my brother and sister are still in school too. HS really does it bad when they make you have a certain calculator and such. No kidding on the part time job!

  4. I spent about 95 bucks for my oldest 3rd grade supplies! that didn't count the lunchbox, backpack or her uniforms!

  5. I haven't even started shopping yet and I am so not looking forward to it.

  6. Don't even get me started on this one...bought all the supplies for one school...oh wait...can't go there...go buy a totally different set for another school! Yep...I'm done with school supply list. Lauren is taking art...had to buy her a $20 set of pencils at Office Depot. I told her she better not lose those!! Can't find any red pens in this town...OD wanted 8.99 for a set of 10. I red pens for my kids until Walmart has them again for a $1. It's ridiculous!!! Now I gotta take all those stupid Stone Canyon supplies back....that's fun..customer service at friendly. NOT!! We should have a fund raiser for all of this! The 7th grade kills me with all those binders for each class!!! Seriously!! Ok...I'll stop...I've been ranting all week on FB about this...I think all moms have had it!!

  7. Oh girl, I feel your pain! Our PTA put out a flyer saying would could just buy a "package" from them for $90 and save ourselves about $10!!!!! It's stinking ridiculous! Thank goodness I only have to buy for 1!

  8. It is bad and I feel your pain. But...just wait till they get to college. Mine (he's at OSU) just bought $400 worth of books for the first semester and that doesn't count the paper, pens, notebooks and backpack.
    So, can I say enjoy this time 'cause it's gonna get worse when they graduate!

  9. No kidding! I spent $30 for a last minute trip to get a few things for just one of my kids- two bottles of clorox anywhere spray, multiple boxes of kleenex, a container of clorox wipes- doesn't the school provide any of this anymore?

    Next year they'll be wanting us to haul in blackboards and pencil sharpeners.

    I stockpile when I find things on sale so the kids backpacks were both .90 cents from the 90% off rack last winter. It helps that they are too little to be picky about brands yet.


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