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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today ~ August 25, 2009

Outside my window... it is beautiful outside, sunny and unseasonably cool!

I am thinking... about how I really want to start working on feeding my family (especially my husband and I) healthier meals on a budget. I've got my work cut out for me.

I am thankful ... that I didn't get devastating news at my doctor's appointment yesterday.

From the learning rooms... yea for school!! Everybody seems to be doing so well in their new learning rooms, and enjoying it!

From the kitchen... I perfected my chicken and dumplings that were a disaster a couple of weeks ago. Dawson has raved and raved about his dad's girlfriend's dumplings and wanted me to try them. He gave me the ultimate compliment (coming from someone who is a super picky eater) .. that they were even better than hers! (and I didn't even fish for that compliment!)

I am wearing... brown velour jogging pants, a Cozumel t-shirt, my potato shoes (love them!) and a brown hat.

I am creating... JBF (Just Between Friends) piles, clothes and promo cards.

I am praying ... for Doug, the Berry-Morins family, my kids and their school year.

I am going... to smile and laugh more and start enjoying the little things again.

I am reading... "One Weekend to Change Your Life" by Joan Anderson.

I am hoping... that my cervical problems get taken care of completely this time, or that we are able to move forward with a more radical procedure so I don't have to worry about the possibility of cancer in my future.

I am hearing... Brynne trying to stick a magnet to every surface she comes upon.

Around the house... beds are waiting to be made, laundry is waiting to be finished and bathrooms are waiting to be cleaned. They'll have to wait a little longer.

One of my favorite things... is planning birthday parties. Brynne's was so fun to plan and now I am working on planning Dawson's in October and Eli's in December. No working plans for Kyndal's in November, yet, but she's more at the stage of just hanging out with friends at the mall.

A few plans for the rest of the week... This afternoon I am planning to go volunteer in our new school's library, if I am feeling okay physically following my medical procedure I had yesterday. Tonight is Eli's kindergarten parent meeting. I can't wait to hear what they have to say and to see more of the school! I am back in the full swing of keeping the twins two days a week and have added my neighbor to the mix a few days a week, too. On Friday I am going to get my nails done and then scrapbook all evening. On Saturday we are going to Big Splash for our last time of the summer.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing..

My baby girl and her new "Pup". She has been attached to a chocolate lab Webkinz she named "Pup" for a couple of years now. She sleeps with him, takes him everywhere. When we were in Dallas, she put him at her feet in the car cart we rented at the mall and he fell through and was lost. We looked everywhere! We put in a Lost and Found report. We never found him. She asked me as we were coming home if the police had called and found Pup yet. It was so sad! Kyndal and I were teary over it! He was a member of our family!

For her birthday, her friend Ava gave her another chocolate lab Webkinz. I was worried she might not want him because he was new and just not Pup. By this picture you can see that she was thrilled! She hugged him so hard I thought his stuffing would pop out. She named him "Pup". And they have been inseparable since Saturday.

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  1. if you figure out cheap healthy meals let me in on your secret! :) its expensive to buy produce! i bought no meat (cuz we had some)and it was still outrageous grocery bill!

    praying for you hope all works out it can be scary my mom and sister have had many issues there!

    so glad she loves the puppy! my LO is obsessed with her angelina ballerina!

    oh since your a major great bargain hunter and we live in the midwest if you find any disney fairies stuff can you let me know where I'm starting to buy for the march 4th bday party of my LO!

    good luck on your JBF's sale! i need to go look for a tinkerbell outfit or costume she can wear for her party!

    oh and don't forget Open Art Wednesday tomorrow is Crayons! :)

  2. forgot to say in my long winded post i'd love your dumpling recipe! that sounds so good on a cold fall day!

  3. I have to ask what potato shoes are!! :)


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