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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Maybe it's because it's a rainy, rainy day. Or maybe it's because I'm feeling some strong effects today from some damaged relationships in my life. But, I feel that pit in my stomach today.

Reading Loren's Thankful Thursday post took me back to the first months after we moved here. Kyndal was really having a hard time with the adjustment and was upset all the time. She and I started a Gratitude Journal. At night when she went to bed I would have her tell me three things she was grateful for from that day, and I would list my three. It was a wonderful time for us to spend together, and it really did help her start to look for the positives in her days.

So today I will join the Thankful Thursday girls and concentrate on those things/people I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful that Rick is the kind of husband who is willing to always be growing in our marriage relationship, and in the relationships with our children, even when we are going through or coming out of difficult times. I am so grateful that we can talk openly with each other about even the most intimate things and that he is one of those husbands who actually shares his feelings. I always tell him that he's "such a girl", but I am really just thankful that he is. Because of that we are always able to work on making our marriage and family better!

2. I am thankful for relational kids. Kyndal came home from school yesterday and immediately told me that she had met a new boy who was friends with a boy in our neighborhood. He is also the son of Brynne's pre-k assistant teacher. When I told this teacher that Kyndal had met her son, she was so relieved! They had just transferred him to our school district and she had been worried about him all day. She thanked me for Kyndal reaching out to him. And Brynne's friend was very nervous about her first day of pre-k until she saw Brynne in her class and then she immediately felt better. All of my kids are relational in some fashion, and it make me so happy!

3. I am thankful for my friends Steph and Loren. I posted about Steph here when it was her birthday. She is just always thinking of me and I feel so protected in her friendship. Loren is just a gift from God all the way around and I feel surrounded by God just by being friends with her. Last year we started having coffee on Thursday afternoons, but had to stop this summer because of family commitments. I am happy to say we are starting that back up this afternoon!

4. I am thankful that God continues to prod me and prune me and change me. He doesn't let me give up on relationships just because they have become difficult. He continues to show me my faults in those damaged relationships. Although I don't know, at this time, how to "fix" anything, He does and I am thankful He will continue to guide me in the right direction.

5. And, I am thankful for DVR. There, I said it! I am thankful Project Runway starts back up tonight and that all my favorite shows will be starting their new seasons soon. I will be recording them and watching them all and that makes me happy!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness today! I love reading about gratitude for husbands. I love your idea of journaling with your daughter. What a blessing for both of you.

    You have a beautiful family!


  2. what a great list and a neat journal idea! I'm covering a compostion journal today and starting one with my oldest tonight!

    one of my thankfuls is I'm thankful I found your blog:)

  3. Such a nice thankful post! The journalling sounds like a great idea!

  4. I am so thankful for you too my friend! Can't imagine my life without you around. I love our time are a blessing from God!! Thanks for loving me just the way I am!
    Love you!


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