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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pen Pal to Best Pal

On Friday, the girls and I drove to Dallas for the purpose of meeting up with a group of bloggers from that area. What started out as an opportunity for me to spend some time with my best blogging friend, Jen, turned into a party with 17 fun women.

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but here are some of the girls whose blogs I follow everyday. My friendships with these women have gone beyond blogging, to routine e-mails and even a phone call or two of encouragement.

Here is me and Jen. Can I just say that I now love her like a sister. She is a sweet, sweet woman and I am so proud to call her my real life friend. (More on Jen in a minute.)

This is Jen, Stacy, Alicia and me. It was so great to hug these ladies, each one of whom has become an even dearer friend than I thought possible.

Me and Alicia. She is as real and down home in person as she is on her blog. She is very funny, and so incredibly sweet!

Me and Stacy. Oh how I love Stacy and after all we she has gone through this year it was so nice to be able to hug her and tell her how proud I am of her!

Here is a group picture of all who attended (minus a couple who had already left). I think it has been decided that these DFW bloggers will try to get together once a quarter. I hope to be able to make it once a year.

Then on Saturday, my girls and I spent the day with Jen and her three amazing kids. Kyndal and Jen's 12 year old daughter hit it off famously. We went shopping most of the day, and had lunch. Then that evening we went to Jen's house for dinner. The girls painted fingernails and hung out. At the end of the night they exchanged e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. It was so great to see their friendship bloom out of Jen and my friendship.

Brynne found a new best bud in Jen's 5 year old son. They had a blast together all day. And Jen's little 2 year old was so precious! She has a smile that melts you!

I cannot express enough how great it was to hang out with Jen and her family and to build on our friendship. Some may say our friendship was formed by chance, but I say our friendship is completely God. 

Today the girls and I are going to finish our mini-vacation by doing some school shopping at Grapevine Mills. It has been a great weekend, very refreshing!


  1. Aww how neat for you and your girls! glad you had alot of fun! I bet it felt great for you to get out of town for a few! :)

    maybe some time it can be us and our kids!

  2. I had such a great time with you!! It was wonderful to get to know you in person and your girls. Are you sure you don't want to move to TX?

    We are ready to head to Tulsa to visit!

  3. I think it's great when this happens.
    Blogging is much more then just posting one's thoughts.

  4. I'm so glad you ladies had fun this weekend! I meant to ask you the other night what part of your state you live in. I went to school up there my freshman year in college. :)

    Now it's back to reality, huh? haha

  5. Oh, and I bet that zest nest blog you mentioned will see their traffic increase by about 18 people. haha!!!

  6. Loved meeting you! It was so great to connect in person with my bloggy buddy!! Your so sweet and funny, and I loved talking about Caroline and Brynne! I bet they'd be fast friends just like their mommas!

  7. Hey! It was great meeting you at the blog event. That’s so awesome that you drove from Oklahoma. I love the layout of your blog and your little ones are sooo cute! That’s funny that Fransaw will have a cousin. I will have to tell him, I’m sure he will be very excited ;o). Another reader posted a comment that they will both have another cousin in another state as well but I forget where she lives….too funny! Oh I’m now following your favorite blog. I bet she got a few new followers after our little blog event.

    I’m going to follow your blog so we can keep up with each other.



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