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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Healthy Diet

Two years ago I went through a round of cervical pre-cancer issues that I thought was resolved. It reared its ugly head again during the last few months. It has been determined that the bad cells are minor, on a benign (non cancerous) track, and just something to watch at this point. With the procedure I had yesterday it's likely that my body will naturally fight the bad cells and we will hopefully not have to deal with it again. On the other hand, it was also determined that stress is what caused this last bought to crop up. So, attempting to keep my stress level to a minimum is a necessity.

Along with a stress decrease, I was told that regular exercise and a healthy diet can do wonders in helping to fight off any future infections. With Rick's mom being diagnosed with colon cancer this year, and the higher risk now to Rick, the topic of a healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more important to me. And let's face it .. we're not exactly spring chickens anymore.

I work out pretty regularly, and over the past couple of years have tried to incorporate more whole grains and fruits and vegetables into my daily diet. Rick plays golf and works out in the yard often, but would like to have a more regimented work out schedule. I can't really help him in that area, but I can certainly help him in how I plan our meals.

I know the basics ... whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, more fish, healthier snacks, less sodas. Knowing these things in my head, and implementing them into our daily lifestyle, are two different things.

Does anybody have any tips? If you have any websites that you have found helpful, please pass those along.


  1. I’ve gone through something like this before. Not fun and hard not to stress over. I’m happy to hear that things are looking up and I’m sure your new outlook will only make your outcome even better. It’s it crazy that stress is the number one cause of cancer. I was shocked when I heard that from a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. It really makes you think more about the things you choose to stress over.

    I’m on Weight Watchers and cook their recipes weekly. They have some really great ones. I have a few posted on my site and you can find them easily on-line if you search for them. Their recipes are mainly based on healthier, low-cal options.

  2. So does that mean no more cheese fries when you come to visit?

    Please share any tips, you know I need some!

  3. They say that broccoli is one of those super foods that is good for so many things. Try incorporating a lot of that. Maybe the kids will go for it. Maybe not. LOL

    Instead of ice cream, we try to make fruit smoothies using fresh or frozen fruit, soy milk and ice. They are really good!

    Whenever I buy pasta or bread, I always go for the whole grain or wheat options. Especially pasta. It doesn't taste any different, but is better for you.

  4. I agree! I'm not big on working out....but I should be! But I do try to help in what we eat. I but the whole grain rice and pastas, breads, and try to watch the really fatty things, which is really hard, I know!

    Praying that the "bad cells" go away! Hugs to you girl!

  5. Been there done that whole cancer thing and our time is all too precious to deal with poopy stuff like that!

    Sounds like you're on the right track by being proactive right now.

    Recent articles have started naming sugar as quite a culprit in contributing to health problems....and THAT is not good news to this old girl.

    Good Luck in forming your new regimen! You'll do GREAT!

    Hillbilly Pal

  6. 1. whole grains and whole wheat are obviously things you want to eat. If you don't already, try whole wheat bread and pastas. [Since you have kids who are probably picky, try mixing half wheat/grain stuff with white as they get used to the grainier taste and darker look]

    2. incorporate more heart-healthy and nutrient-rich foods into your meals and snacks. broccoli, almonds, yogurt, salmon, chicken/lean meat, tomatoes, apples (negative calories!), black beans, a little bit of dark chocolate, etc.

    3. smaller portions. don't cook as much food and don't take as much on your plate. you can always go back for more if you are still hungry (and you will find that surprisingly you aren't usually!)

    4. something i read recently-- "don't drink your calories." i don't know how much pop or coffee or whatever else you drink, but a lot of those are super full of calories and sugar, and since we drink them we often don't even think to count or consider those calories.

    5. i somewhat obsessively read fitness magazines online (i had a boring summer at a computer all day, what can you say??) and know way too much for someone who is only 22 almost 23, but am hoping it will be beneficial for me now and in the future!

    6. oh and duh, work out, which i'm pretty sure you already do. try to incorporate your kids into it, like, i know you are into family fun nights and stuff, maybe go for walks in the park, or play lots of outside games when you can, or just use those times to instill a habit of activity rather than it being an afterthought, ya know?

    and oh gosh, sorry i just rambled on and on. these are just some main things i have picked up from my extensive research, aka web surfing, and if you find none of it relevant, helpful or interesting, that's totally fine!


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