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Sunday, August 9, 2009

All About Brynne

Yesterday was Brynne's 4th birthday. So, the day was all about her and what she wanted to do.

Well, the night before she decided to sleep in a "club" she made for herself out of a large box her gift from her Grandpa and Grandma T came in. Her pup had a club bed next to hers.

She started her birthday with a special breakfast date with daddy. They went to have donuts together and he gave her a bracelet.

When she got home she opened her presents. She got a Moxie doll that she had asked for, a Garfield balloon from Dawson, a card from her grandma with $50, a card from her Aunt Rhonda with $20, handmade Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls from her Grandma T, and her favorite gift .. a pink and purple bike!

She spent the majority of the day playing with her friend Ellie, who lives next door. They played school, rode bikes, had a picnic on the back porch, destroyed her room while listening to Hannah Montana songs and had snow cones.

After Ellie left she brought her bike in the house and rode it for the rest of the night. Eli also brought his in to join her. They rode bikes and played Tom and Jerry. They also took a small break to play in the water volcano in the backyard.

The birthday girl/boy always gets to pick what we have for dinner. She wanted spaghetti and breadsticks and brownies for dessert.

I didn't have any candles in the house, except for the "3" candle from her last birthday, so we lit it and she said "bye-bye 3" as she blew out her candle.

Eli and Brynne ended her big day with a sleepover in his bed.

She had a great day, and I enjoyed spending it with her!


  1. How sweet! I bet she loved her special day!

  2. What a very special day for the VERY SPECIAL GIRL!!!
    Thanks for sharing it with us :)

    love u

  3. She's so cute!!! I can't wait to meet her Friday...and Kyndal too! Oh yea, and their Mama too, duh!!!


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