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Monday, August 17, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Wow. After a weekend of doing nothing but eating and having fun, it's time to get back into a normal eating schedule (and back to the Y .. although I was too tired to go this morning ~ shame on me!)

Here's what we are having for dinner this week:

Monday ~ Chicken fettucine

Tuesday ~ Steak fajitas with the works (bought marked down sirloin a couple of weeks ago and froze it for this rare treat!)

Wednesday ~ FFY (Fend for Yourself) - although I might come up with something fun because it's the first day of school. Any "school" ideas???

Thursday ~ Asian chicken stirfry (my favorite meal)

Friday ~ Pancakes and turkey bacon

Saturday ~ Probably a Papa John's pizza (this is Brynne's birthday party day and after a long day at the zoo celebrating, I'm not going to be too excited to cook!)

Sunday ~ Chicken and dumplings (my son requested this a few weeks ago. I attempted it, but it was slightly disastrous! I have plans to perfect it, so am giving it one more shot before giving up!!)

Head over to the Org Junkie to get more menu ideas.

If your kids are headed back to school this week, enjoy them! We only have two more days.


  1. Forward the recipe for the stir fry and the dumplings. Those sound great!

  2. my oldest starts school tomorrow its a half day! So if we don't have to build an ark to get there (heehee its been raining so much. we already have 4 inches and we are suppose to get rain tonight thru friday! )anyway after the noon pick up at school we will lunch at sonic.

    Dinner is Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread (her pick)


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