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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Fun Night ~ BADminton!

Family Fun Night last night was certainly, um, Fun(ny)!

Last week Kyndal and I found a badminton set on sale at Aldi for $12.99. She asked if we could buy it to use on a Family Fun Night.

Last night was the night.

It took a little longer to set up than we thought, so by the time we were ready to get started it was beginning to get dark. We waited and waited and waited for Kyndal to finish changing clothes so we could start.

In the meantime, Rick and Brynne practiced with Dawson.

Then Kyndal finally arrived ....

.... in this!

We played two games ... one to 21 and the other to 7. It was Rick and I against Kyndal and Dawson. Although you would have thought we would have been blinded by Kyndal's outfit, Rick and I still beat them both games!

I'm not very good. In fact, I told the kids that I was the best player on their team.

After I finished playing, I stopped to take some pictures. I was squatting next to the pole, and got a birdie to the head. It was so funny! The paparazzi gets no respect in this country!!

Eli spent the whole night in the house. His idea of a fun family night is for us to all go outside and leave him alone inside.

There was lots of laughing going on. We had a really great time, even playing in the pitch black dark, and will pick our game back up tonight.

Today is Brynne's birthday party at the zoo, so I'll be posting about that tomorrow or maybe even later tonight.


  1. Looks like a fun filled family night. Hope the party goes well and everyone has a blast!

    No, you didn’t hurt my feelings. You didn’t say anything that could have....silly girl. I will tell you something that made me chuckle though. Yesterday I was at Barnes and Noble doing one of my favorite things (having some coffee and flipping through home décor magazines). I also pick up a book called Blogging Bliss. It was great and full of MANY pointers about blogging. One of the things she said is a BIG no no is the award chain. I thought it was funny because I was all excited when I got one and Kent kept telling me that it was a chain and not really a big deal. He told me not to pass it on to other bloggers, he even used the word web-ring. Kent doesn’t have a blog or read blogs so I wasn’t buying it. Well I had to tell him I was wrong and even got a little laugh out of the fact that Blogging Bliss used the word web-ring when talking about the all the blog awards....too funny. He’s such a smarty.

  2. So glad to see your family having such a great together!

  3. Ok...Kyndal's outfit is awesome! She deserves an award...and the picture of looked like a grown up version of Brynne!

  4. we bought one of those last year at walmart! they are fun the net only lasted a summer though bummer for us!

    love the outfit!:)


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