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Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This weekend I worked on more of my Twelve Days of Organizing projects. I cleaned out and organized the pantry, the laundry room cabinets, the kids' cubbies in the laundry room and the wet/dry closet, and even completely organized my closet and dresser drawers. That wasn't even on the list!

I feel much better having done that! Now I'll be tackling the office supply closet and Kyndal and Dawson's bedrooms.

I also moved my computer back into our office, instead of at the kitchen desk. I have been analyzing how much time I waste in a day stopping to check my e-mail and read blog updates. Having the computer in a separate room will help with that tremendously.

And here's what we're having for dinner this week.

Monday ~ Creole fish and rice (fish sticks for kids)

Tuesday ~ Orange chicken and rice

Wednesday ~ FFY

Thursday ~ Fried chicken strips and parma rosa pasta (this parma rosa is just a mix I buy at Aldi. My kids love it!)

Friday ~ Open faced turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes and gravy

Saturday ~ Hot ham or turkey and cheese sandwiches

Sunday ~ Thick french toast and turkey bacon


  1. WOW, You go girl, with the organizing. I wish I had your motivation to start organizing my home. I did do the girls closet back on Christmas break, so that is out of the day. I still have so much more to tackle in my house.
    Your meun looks yummy!!

  2. Please share your Parma Rosa pasta recipe. It sounds yummy. Thank you


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