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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Triplets!

We've been in the mood to get a puppy. All the kids have wanted one for a long time. Rick's philosophy was, "If you have one, you might as well have four." We'd have to settle for three.

At 7:30 p.m. tonight we became the proud family of triplet Chi-Poos (chihuahua/mini poodle mix). They are 5 weeks old.

Meet Chloe (a girl that Kyndal will spoil to death .. hope she likes toenail polish and hairbows), Quincy (a boy to be shared by Brynne and I), and Buck (a boy to be shared by Eli and Rick). We are currently on the hunt for an Australian Shepard mix for Dawson. We hope to have one soon.

They are so sweet! They rode the hour home in the car so peacefully. Once we got home we gave them baths (because they smelled like smoke) and they immediately cuddled together and fell asleep.

Can't wait to start potty training!


  1. Congratulations on the additions to your family. I am guessing there was a little more noise than normal during the night???? As you well know, I'm a firm believer in a pet (and in this case PETS). We've still got our old pom (who is almost 14) and we have cherished our time with him and will absolutely invite another pet in to our home when he leaves us. Seems that no matter how bad your day has been, a friendly wag of that tail seems to make it better. ENJOY!!!


  2. OH my gosh!! They are sooo cute!! Lauren will die! If you need help training them let her know! :) She also has a furminator if they shed! I can't believe you have 3 puppies!! FUN!!

  3. Too cute!! We, too, got a new puppy (only one!!) over Christmas. We now have another Shih Tzu named Maisy. Have fun with them!

  4. Nicole,

    They are adorable!!! Your kids must be in HEAVEN :) Any tips you can share let me know...Our little Maggie is adorable but not having her sisters she is very clingy....Tyson has finally warmed up to her though Praise the Lord

    Love you and miss you!! When are we going to coffee??????????

  5. HOW ADORABLE!! Love the blue eyes too. Oh man, you are really making me want one!

  6. Congratulations on your new babies. They are so cute. You are BRAVE to get 3 puppies, but Rick is right, 1 is just as hard as 3. Enjoy them.

  7. They are SO cute! Three at once, though? You are BRAVE! Enjoy your puppies!

  8. Oh Nicole! I have missed so much lately being nose deep in learning about Wordpress. I love their little faces! How is the training going?


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