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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's Spontaneous

Without Rick's spontaneous nature, we probably wouldn't have any fun!

I am a planner. I plan everything! Sometimes I even plan when I'm going to plan.

For years, literally, I have been planning when we should get a puppy. Kyndal has wanted a little toy puppy forever. Dawson has wanted an Australian Shepard, or something like that. And Eli and Brynne have always been in love with my mom and sister's little dogs, Sonny and Sophie.

I have been trying to figure out when would be the best time to get the dogs they have wanted. And there's never seemed to be the best time.

Last weekend, while running errands, Rick said, "Let's go to the pet store and see what dogs they have." We did. We didn't find one that called out to us. Had we, we would have bought it on the spot. So we decided to start looking on Craigslist. When we saw a listing for four small puppies, Rick said, "Let's go look at them." By the time we called, they were taken. So an hour later, when our three babies listed, Rick said, "Let's go now." I skipped dinner. Rick ate his in the car.

Had it been me, I am sure I would have analyzed us right out of going.

I'm so glad Rick throws caution to the wind so we can have some fun!

And, fun we are having!

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's Spontaneous!

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