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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stands the Test of Time

It's been three weeks since Christmas.

If your kids are like mine, they will create a wish list of things they want for Christmas that they REALLY REALLY want! They'll be so excited when they get them, play with them non-stop for about 9 hours, and then they'll sit and collect dust for the rest of the year.

So that got me thinking ... What gifts did your kids get this year that they are still playing with three weeks later?

Here is my list:

Brynne, age 4 ~ I would have to say her Nintendo DS is the one thing she is still playing with every day. She got a Dora and Diego game and a Dogz game. She has also played the most with her paper dolls and was using her Tag Reading System to read to Pup yesterday.

Eli, age 6 ~ Most definitely his constant companion is his Nintendo DS. He has several games and plays it much of the day, every day. The other thing that he has been obsessed with since Christmas are his Hot Wheels, but most specifically the Battle Force 5 cars. He has used his Christmas money to buy all of them and plays with them every day. He also watches the series that we have DVR'd and plays his Nintendo DS Battle Force 5 game.

Dawson, age 13 ~ Right after Thanksgiving, Dawson used his birthday money to buy an iPod Touch. He got many iTunes giftcards for Christmas. So he uses it all day every day and has had so much fun with it playing games and watching movies! He also enjoyed some of the clothes he got, most specifically his Tony Hawk flannel shirt he got from my sister.

Kyndal, age 15 ~ Kyndal is at that age where clothes are pretty much the way to go. I think, by observing her these past few weeks, that her Victoria's Secret Missouri Tigers hoodie is her favorite gift. She also loves her sleeping mask she got in her stocking. She still had lots of Christmas money left so bought a new iPod (she's had hers since they first came out and it was cracked and deteriorating quickly). Her iPod has been her favorite thing (other than her cell phone) for many years.

Nicole, age 30ish ~ For me, I have definitely gotten the most use out of my chocolate brown short Ugg boots I bought with my Christmas money. I have used and enjoyed my cutlery set from Rick just as much. And, I finally broke down after all these years and bought a real CHI hair straightener with the remainder of my Christmas money. Wow, really didn't get what I was missing until I owned one.

Rick, age 30ish (but not for long) ~ I think Rick probably has enjoyed the secret gift I got him this year, most of all. But, he has gotten the most mileage out of his Glee Soundtrack and then used his Christmas money to buy a Wii which he plays with the kids every day.

So, there's our list.

What's yours?

Please share your child's ages and what Christmas present of theirs has stood the {3 week} Test of Time. Include you "big kids" too! This will be useful information for the rest of us come next year!


  1. Well, I can't remember if I told you what we did this Christmas or not, BUT I am to the point that I hate all of the commercialization of Christmas so Jeff and I decided that we would purchase ONE gift for each child. We spent quite a chunk on each individual gift but it was worth it to get things purchased and stay out of the crowds. Caleb got the new Zune HD, Hannah got a laptop and Andrew got the Xbox 360 Elite. All in all they had a FABULOUS Christmas, just not a ton of presents. I also sent them on a treasure hunt to find their present. Their stockings were stuffed full of 100 $1 bills each. They also really liked that. They're to the age that lots of gifts don't matter, it's the quality and that's OK with me! They don't ask for a lot because they are pretty spoiled all year long. Wouldn't you know this is the first Christmas that they are still paying a lot of attention to their presents by the middle of January. This may have to be a new tradition!!

  2. gidget (age 3) polly pockets, the webkinz so she can get on webkinz with her sister, her flannel dolls and her princess desk.

    Froggi (age 9) her Bakugans, bristle bots, her art stuff and webkinz so she can get on webkinz world with her best friend in S Carolina nad her sister (who is the next room :) how cute is that!)

    Me (40)my twilight woods stuff from bath and body works and my books! (my mom rocked it on gifts for me this year)

    Hubby (39) his coffees, and fast food gift cards

  3. You've got my wheels turning about Ricks secret gift ;)

  4. This is a great idea. I'll be checking back to read all the comments!

    Dylan (4) loves his Legos. Those are his current toy obsession. He really likes the Martian Matter maker, too. He got a new Leapster game, and is finally picking up his Leapster once a day!

    Lexie (2) loves her Strawberry Shortcake Cafe and sets. The Dora horse trailer, Barbies, and Disney Princess dolls were a hit, too!

    Hubby (30) loves his BluRay player.

    I (29) love all the clothes, books, and body lotions that I got. It doesn't take much to make me happy!

    Lots of gifts sitting around in the kids rooms, untouched!

  5. The Chi is awesome! I'm fretting because we are going to France soon and the Chi is not compatible over there, even with a voltage converter. Everyone I've known says it fries, and it's too expensive for me to take that chance. ;) I'm going to have to find a cheapo dual voltage flat iron, because a girl can't go without flat ironing her hair! :)

  6. We always set an amount for each kid, so if they want higher priced things, they just don't get as much. Our oldest girl Whitlea,15, just wanted mostly clothes and shoes this Christmas. My practical first born. Our second daughter Cayah,12, opted for the one more expensive item, the ipod touch. She's more into quality I guess. Our third girl Jessalyn,10, was soooo excited about her birthstone ring she got! Out of everything that was her favorite! Jewelry is definitly her thing! My husband Chris,38, probably liked the candy in his stocking the best! Totally not kidding! He also loved his Pitt State Gorilla hoodie. It's a college about 20 miles from us. He's been a big fan of their football program his whole life I think! And then there's me... my favorite was probably the coat I bought with my Kohls gift card. I had been wanting it for a while but didn't want to spend the money right before Christmas. And by waiting, I got it half off, so that was awesome! So, thats our Christmas break down. I think everyone had a good Christmas. Personally, I think I'd rather forgo all the gifts and go somewhere instead. But thats just me. I think the memory of that would last longer!
    I wanted to tell you about a place you can get things like chi irons so much cheaper. It's called It's a company out of china I think and the shipping is kinda high but the savings are unbelievable. Usually a bunch of us will go in together and order and just split the shipping. It's not as bad that way! Anyway, you'll have to check it out sometime. Sorry for the long post. I feel like I'm rambling. Have a good weekend!!

  7. Hunter is easy because he picked out everything that he really wanted so I think he was very happy to get most of it. Xbox games, new ipod earbuds are loved. We surprised him with Ski club memebership and he is SO happy to be able to go snowboarding with all of his friends.

    Sophie asked for an 6! Oh, the joys of having an older sibling to start the wants early. So she is thrilled beyond belief with her hot pink Nano. (my best bargain find) And she got several Mario DS games and Mario Kart for Wii that she loves. But she has not touched the Easy Bake Oven or the jewelry maker.

    Have a great weekend:)

  8. Big O (6 yrs) her Polly Pockets & fuzzy slippers. Jellybean (8 yrs), her webkinz & clothes/slippers. Bubba (12 yrs), his i-tunes gift cards & new Xbox games. BMX Kid (12 yrs), his i-tunes gift cards also & his new trick bike. DH (37), he loves his new cologn, and so do I. Me (38), love, love, love, my new soft blanket & my coffee cup my Jellybean got me. Oh and my perfume, that DH got me.

  9. Caroline's is definitely her dress up clothes. Mine would be my Cannon Rebel and Tab's would be his big fancy TV!


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