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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Typically when I wake up in the mornings I have over 20 e-mails waiting for me. The majority of them are junk mail ... from businesses where I have entered to win something at some point, or from where I have ordered something at some time in my past. I don't even open them! I spend the first 10 minutes of my day deleting them. And it's a waste of time. Every day!

So I have been spending the last couple of days taking the time to Unsubscribe to all of those websites as soon as I receive an e-mail.

I feel significantly less cluttered in this area!

Maybe you can see a trend with me here recently ... declutter the closets, declutter the computer, declutter my mind.

Get rid of all of that useless stuff!

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  1. I had 800 e-mails at one point! Eeek! I got it down to nothing recently. It felt so good. Now I'm back up to 80 +. I'm trying not to go over 100. I try to unsubscribe too, but sometimes I just want to hit delete.


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