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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Power Up!

In November of 2007, on a Sunday morning, the power went out due to a massive rain/ice/snow storm. Nobody was prepared. After lucking out and finding some gas, I stuffed clothes in garbage bags in the pitch black dark and drove four hours to my parents' with the kids. Rick stayed behind to take care of the house. He basically layed in bed fully clothed with a stocking cap and gloves to stay warm. The power came back on three days later at our house, and up to ten days in others. We lost thousands of tree limbs, several trees and a fridge and freezer full of food.

Guess what's headed our way ... the exact same weather pattern! It's supposed to start early tomorrow morning and dump massive rain, sleet, ice and then 10-12 inches of snow on us, all in a 24-hour period. They are predicting massive power outages again.

Rick wants me to get us prepared to leave first thing tomorrow morning, just in case. To complicate matters, we have three baby puppies who shiver uncontrollably if the temps in our house get below 70 degrees. Their little bodies cannot handle freezing temps in the house. So, we have to take them with us. I could hear the disappointment in my mom's voice when I broke the news to her.

So, I am off to get prepared for the great ice storm of 2010. Luckily I went to the store yesterday and stocked up (at that time just thinking I was going to be housebound with 4 kids for several days because of no school), because I hear you can't buy a roll of toilet paper, loaf of bread or gallon of milk anywhere in the city (can anyone say PANIC??!!)

Wish us luck!


  1. Isn't that crazy you have to drive north to dodge a winter storm!! I remember the 2007 storm your talking about. It looked like a war zone!! Well, good luck and be safe. I think we're only supposed to get snow here but we'll see. It seems like things always change last minute!

  2. hopefully it will miss you and you won't lose any food!

    be careful and stay safe!!!

    keep us posted!!!

  3. The same thing happened here in Ky this week last year. We had a terrible ice storm. Power outage for us was 5 days, 12 was for the last customer. Ky is never prepared. NEVER!!!
    We had to stay put though. My parents live 2 streets over. We were able to get a generator for way too much money but, my hubby was determine to pay anything to keep us warm. He finally got one at 3:00 am. He had stayed in the store waiting on the shipment to come since 10:00pm. Bless his heart. Anyway, he hooked the furance up on the generator & ran extension cords so we could have our refrig & TV. We left the lights off & used candles. He also ran an extension cord to the eldery neighbors next door & let them borrow our small heaters. Mom, sister, & brother in law all came over for a 3 night slumber party. My dad refused to leave his house. He was afraid someone would break in. So my hubby took a sleeping bag that is made to keep you warm in 30 below temps. We continually called him too & my hubby would ride over & check on him & take him some food. Stubborn man, my dad. God love him. :)

    Well, you all be safe & get prepared. We are being spared from that storm. It is coming but, where I am is only expecting 1 to 3" of snow.

  4. I hope it isn't as bad as they forecasted. We had 6 days without power in Dec of 2008 and it IS miserable. It still amazes me what is stocked up on when a storm is coming! Stay warm:)

  5. How can anybody forget the ice storm of 2009! We were actually blessed to only lose power for 1 1/2 days. I remember being in stockings/hats, with a tent in the living room by the fireplace. We have a well too, so if we lose power, no water. We are stocked up on that too!


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