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Friday, January 8, 2010

When We're Old and Gray

God showed me two sweet examples in response to my last post.

While Eli and I were eating at McDonald's today, I saw an elderly couple walking out of Walmart holding hands. They weren't just holding each other up because they were feeble. They were obviously very affectionate with one another.

I want for Rick and I to still be holding hands when we are old and gray.

Then while getting my nails done, an elderly man came in and bought two gift certificates for his wife to get pedicures. He said her birthday was in a couple of days. She apparently doesn't like to get out much, so he wanted her to have an excuse to pamper herself a couple of times. He said that he took her for a drive yesterday. And he called her his little sweetheart.

Oh, to have this kind of relationship with our spouses when we are old.

What a beautiful example!


  1. Nicole,

    I love seeing couples like this and I too desire to keep my relationship strong, loving and affectionate until we are old and gray :) Making sure your relationship remains a priority, intimate and loving takes work but in the end examples like these are what you get! Making each other the most important, taking time to show each other you care, hearing each others hearts, etc. There are many things you can do but you have to do them. We have to remember that our husbands NEED us and sometimes we are tired and pulled in so many other directions but they don't see that and all they know is ....they want our attention!! and they know when it's real or not too :)

    Love you! Hope we can have that coffee date SOON!!

  2. that is sweet when you see it! my hubby is not a very hand holding hugging PDA type of guy no one in his family so it would never by us you see :)

    hope your the hand holding cute couple. although some times the old couple fighting about silly things are just as cute! Atleast my grandparents were. and His grandparents crack me up :)

  3. Oh how I hope that my hubby & I will be the same way when we grow old. We are very big, on hand holding now and I pray that it will continue in the future. I just love when I see elerly couples acting this way. It is so sweet. :)

  4. Your gonna love this! There is this tiny whole in the wall bar in town called The Spur. Every Saturday there is this little band called Josie & The Boys that plays for a few hours. Now, Josie is in her 70's and just as cute as a bug...she plays the drums! The whole place is filled with little old couples who come to dance. Tab knows how much I love to go watch them dance, and he thinks its cute that I have this thing for little old couples. So much so, that they night he proposed, he took me there to watch, and then at dinner he proposed! It is such a great thing for me to go in there and see the couples so happy and in makes my heart smile!


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