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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HELP! The Quest for 40!

** Update: I have about 14 ideas so far, but I need more!! Keep 'em coming!

And I'm not talking about my age. That's coming whether I want it to or not!

No, I'm talking about dates.

My friend Rhonda has a goal to go on 52 dates with her husband this year. Like she said, and I agree, because of finances, some of those dates will have to be at home dates.

This past weekend Rick and I went out to dinner and to see Legally Blonde: The Musical. That's definitely something we cannot afford to do every week. Even a movie and dinner costs $50 at a minimum!

I'd like to participate in the 52 Dates Challenge, but am sure I will run out of ideas. My goal for Rick and I is for us to go on one out-of-the-house date per month. There might be more, but my goal is for one. That takes care of 12 dates. That leaves 40.

So, let's band together and see if we can come up with 40 at-home dates! If 10 of you come up with 4 ideas each, then that's 40. If 20 of you come up with 2 ideas each, then that's 40. You get the idea!

So, get your creative juices flowing and comment with your at-home date ideas. When I get them all compiled, I'll do a separate post listing them all. Since my blog is Private, feel free to do your own separate post asking for suggestions and then send them my way. I would be honored if you shared my final results on your blogs for your followers, too.

So, start commenting!

(BTW .. I have suspended the posting of my What a Kid! Wednesday posts. Since my kids really don't read my blog anyway, I have just decided to start leaving them hand-written notes on Wednesdays pointing out the ways I am proud of them. That keeps me looking for those reasons!)


  1. I love this idea! We try to have "date-night", but it gets expensive! Here are my ideas:
    1. Make him his favorites and rent his favorite movie.
    2. Reverse number 1 and have him do this for you.
    3. Pick something you would both like to learn how to cook and spend the evening cooking and eating.
    4. When the kids are gone, play strip poker, or twister...something fun and flirty. Don't judge people! LOL!
    5. Put the tent up in the yard. Spend the night cooking out, making smores, and cuddling by the fire.
    6. Get a few "getting to know you" books. They make several books that have quizzes for wife/husbands, and several that you do together. I'll send you an email with all the links! Then you can post them here if you want.
    7. If you have a garden tub, make or pick up some fancy desserts, light candles, and take a bubble bath together.
    8. Board game night.
    Oooookay, that's all I got!

  2. rent a movie and have some chocolate fondue with yummy sweets (i know a diet blower but sometimes splurges are ok)

    How about just a nice special dinner after the kids are asleep (if you can wait that long.)

  3. I would love a movie and massage date night :) And if you could get a neighbor to watch your children, it would be nice to cook dinner together have a quiet candlelight dinner at home. No TV, no computer...just a little music. Ahhh....

  4. Mine favorite so far that my hubby & I did this past yr. was actually a date day. We packed a picnic & some blanets and went off to this beautiful national park. We spent the day walking around looking at all the wonderful colors of the leaves & holding hands. We had a nice, quiet lunch on the blanket & even took a little nap. It was such a relaxing day. I took my book & caught up on reading, while he sleep some. We did a lot of walking too. Very inexpensive. Try it some times.

  5. Hey thanks for the shoutout! Yes, I'm interested in some ideas myself! I'm going to do a post about this soon, I'll let you know. This is my month to plan. We plan on 1 date a month out too. However, I may do other free dates that are away from home.

    One I'm planning is going to Barnes and Noble. Doing a little mini scavenger hunt,(find a recipe you want to try, find something you would like to try, etc.)then meeting together and drink hot chocolate. (I have a gift card)

    Picnics in the summer a must!

    Meet him at work (Surprise) and bring a homecooked meal for the two of us.

    Looking forward to more ideas!


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