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Friday, January 15, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Lunchtime Date

Like many busy parents, wiggling in time together as a couple can be challenging.

I think we always have good intentions, but something (or little someones) always seem to get in the way. When you couple that with our busy activities, making time for working out, the fact that I'm a morning person and Rick's a nightowl, and various other things, making time together a priority can be difficult, at best!

This week, today to be exact, Rick and I made a scheduled date to spend time together during the day.

Rick only works ten minutes from our house. I take Brynne to school at 12:30, so am free on Fridays from 12:45-3:00 p.m. Rick has the flexibility to go to lunch pretty much when he wants.

I went this morning and bought some yummy cheeses and crackers and veggies and fruit and prepared a tray for us to share. Rick took a late lunch break.

When Rick got home, the tray was waiting on our bed and we had a little bedroom picnic while we talked and spent time together.

It was so nice to concentrate on each other for a while without any interruptions or other distractions. I am thankful he wants to spend time with me enough to slip out of his busy day to make me a priority.

Rick Rocks!

** Also, this was counted as Date 2 of 52 (and our first at-home date). Dating's not just for nighttime anymore!


  1. Nice! That is so nice that he works so close to home. You should do that often. It's so nice to be home when it's quiet. (I think I've said that before here)

  2. Yay, good for you! Are weekend just kind passed by with Upward, working out, reading the Bible in 90 days. So tonight is our time after the boys go to bed.


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