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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hunker Down

I think we have decided to hunker down and brave out the storm.

Now, should we all be sleeping in our smallest bedroom with a tent-safe propane heater because we have lost power (and by all, I mean six of us, a large cat, tiny lizard and three puppies) .. (and by smallest, I mean Brynne or Eli's 10x12 bedroom), then we might regret this decision.

Because by the time this is happening, the roads will be too bad for us to drive out of here.

But we figure if we can sleep in a soft-side pop-up camper in Yellowstone with temps at or below freezing with that same tent-safe propane heater, and survive, that surely we can survive while we are hunkered down in our fully-insulated, brick home with all of the clothing and blankets we can pile on.

Of course we had a major family meltdown during that time.

And quit calling me Shirley.


  1. well wishes and hoping your power doesn't go out! our utlity company all ready left this moring for tulsa to restore power so they are on top of power outages if you would lose it!

    Stay Safe, Stay Warm and keep the little critters warm too :)

    keep us posted!!!

    we are getting just snow tomorrow and not much!

  2. Ok...just had to bust a laugh out to you...pop up and time of your life girl!!! LOL! That heater was the best investment...maybe you could not take a shower for a few days and Rick could haul tubs of stuff in and out of the kids rooms to make you feel more at home. Sorry...just couldn't resist!


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